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The Government’s stimulus package in response to the Coronavirus

31 Mar 2020

We look at the Government’s economic stimulus package in response to coronavirus, and the measures that may be relevant to you.

Market Insight – Coronavirus

26 Mar 2020

Our Chief Investment Officer, Dan Farmer, looks at the share market impact of the coronavirus and the response to date from policymakers.

The electric car revolution

23 Mar 2020

Vehicles powered by fossil fuels are one of the major contributors to global warming and air pollution. With transportation the third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia1, one way of reducing your carbon footprint, living more sustainably and saving money, could be through the purchase of an electric vehicle (EV).

Investment market review - Quarter-ended 31 December 2019

18 Mar 2020

The Research team provides a performance summary and commentary on each of the five main asset classes.

Insurance and succession planning for small businesses

18 Mar 2020

When you start out in business, your focus is likely to be on growth and managing day-to-day activities. Then, as your business expands, things get more complex. Perhaps you take on more employees, acquire more assets or develop your product and service offering.

67 is the new 65

18 Mar 2020

Over the last 20 years, since 1999, the percentage of Australians age 65 years or over increased from 12.3% to 15.9%. This group is projected to increase more rapidly over the next decade, as more baby boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) turn 65.1

Sustainable Investment - aligning your investments with your values

18 Mar 2020

The recent devastating bushfires in Australia have driven the climate change conversation further up the political and public agenda. Industry is also responding with Blackrock, the world’s largest fund manager, recently pledging to toughen its stance on climate change by reducing its investment exposure to thermal coal.

News from our CEO

18 Mar 2020

Terry Dillon, CEO provides an update on the challenging start to the new year, the global forces driving market uncertainty and Shadforth becoming a certified fiduciary advice firm.

Coronavirus market update

16 Mar 2020

Our Research Team look at the factors that have driven recent share market volatility, and investigate the historical impacts of epidemics on investment markets.

Giving and leaving a legacy

28 Nov 2019

Traditionally, Christmas and the end of the year is seen as a time of giving to those less fortunate. But why stop giving at Christmas? We look at ways you can give in a meaningful way.

Investment market review - Quarter-ended 30 September 2019

28 Nov 2019

The Research team provides a performance summary and commentary on each of the five main asset classes.

The lay of the land - is property still a viable investment?

28 Nov 2019

In this article we provide an overview of the current state of the Australian property market, outline alternatives to investing in residential property and explain how you can reduce your tax liability and boost your retirement income.

Fitness and finance at your fingertips

28 Nov 2019

In today’s technology-driven world, we’re expected to be available, online, at any time. But with frequent studies telling us technology overuse is bad for our productivity, our sleep, our relationships and even our mental health, is it time to go offline?

Drawing down on your super - rewards and risks

28 Nov 2019

You’ve spent your life accumulating your super and now you’re nearing retirement and the next phase of your life. What are the options for transitioning to retirement and, once you retire completely, how can you avoid the risk of your super running out before you do?

News from our CEO

28 Nov 2019

Message from Terry Dillon – Shadforth CEO.

Are avocados to blame for housing affordability?

14 Oct 2019

Australian Demographer Bernard Salt wrote a tongue in cheek article for The Australian in 2016 about observing “young people who order smashed avocado with crumbled feta on five grain toasted bread at $22 a pop and more”.

Presidential tweets and inverted yield curves

28 Aug 2019

There has been a lot of media attention on inverted yield curves and what they say about an economy. Contrary to belief, it's not always an indicator of a looming recession.

Keeping it in the family

19 Aug 2019

We spend our life planning for what lies ahead, but it’s also important to think about what we leave behind. This article examines why it’s important to involve your loved ones in the discussion.

Advantages and disadvantages of insurance in super

19 Aug 2019

Find out what to consider when selecting your life insurance cover.

Investment market review - quarter ended 30 June 2019

19 Aug 2019

The Research team provides a performance summary and commentary on each of the five main asset classes.

What's new in super and tax this financial year?

19 Aug 2019

The 2019/2020 financial year introduces some new opportunities to save for your retirement through super. We also provide an overview of the ‘protecting your super’ legislation and personal income tax changes.

Toxic tech: is it time to take a break?

19 Aug 2019

In today’s technology-driven world, we’re expected to be available, online, at any time. But with frequent studies telling us technology overuse is bad for our productivity, our sleep, our relationships and even our mental health, is it time to go offline?

Tax & super tips for EOFY 2019

05 Jun 2019

Want to get the most out of your tax return this year? Shadforth shares tax-efficient tips and strategies for EOFY 2019.

Investment market review - quarter ended 31 Mar 2019

15 May 2019

The Research Team provides a performance summary and commentary on each of the five main asset classes.

Plus, we illustrate the growth of different investments if you invested one Australian dollar in 2003.

Is it time to go off-grid?

15 May 2019

Once considered a radical way to live, many Australians are now viewing an off-grid lifestyle as both economically and environmentally savvy. We delve into some of the pros and cons and to help you determine whether it’s a good choice for you.

Shedding light on financial exposure

15 May 2019

Financial exposure is the gap between the level of life insurance required to meet your basic needs and the level of insurance you actually have in place in case an unexpected health event occurs. Financial exposure is a growing problem in Australia. This article looks at some of the reasons for this and why it’s important to minimise your financial exposure.

Economic outlook for 2019

15 May 2019

Overall, we are likely to see a slowdown in growth for both the Australian and global economies over the next year. Upcoming elections, including our own Federal election, will have a major influence on the economy as will government spending.

Super dependants

15 May 2019

If you have a superannuation fund, you’ve probably been asked to nominate your beneficiary. But, super fund trustees can only pay your super death benefit to eligible dependants1 or to the legal personal representative of your estate. Here’s what you and your family need to know.

2019 Federal Budget announcement

03 Apr 2019

Find out how the Federal Budget proposals could affect you.

Estate planning for overseas assets

07 Dec 2018

With one in four Australians born overseas and almost half of us with a parent born overseas1, it’s not uncommon for Australians to have a home or assets outside of Australia.

What's new for the 2018/19 financial year?

28 Aug 2018

The start of the new financial year brings a number of changes and some new opportunities.

The power of an attorney

28 Aug 2018

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to nominate someone you trust to make financial decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

Elder abuse - are you protected?

24 May 2018

Elder abuse has been steadily rising over the last few years and protection is vital to have and be aware of.

Fair's fair for blended families

20 Feb 2018

A blended family can have a huge impact on your finances — whether it’s buying a home with your new partner or ongoing child support.

Secure your children’s future education

13 Nov 2017

Giving a child a good education is one of the best things you can do as a parent or grandparent. But what if you weren’t around to help make it happen?

EOFY - not just about tax

28 Aug 2017

The start of the new financial year isn’t just about getting your tax return in. It’s the perfect time to think about your circumstances and get your estate plan in order.

Being an executor is not for the faint-hearted

12 May 2017

When appointing an executor, you can choose a family member, friend or professional trustee company.

Who gets your super if you die?

25 Aug 2016

It’s something we don’t really like to talk about, but have you thought about who gets your super if you die? Super is different from other assets because the trustee of your super fund has control over who gets your super and any risk insurance payout - it doesn’t automatically flow to your estate.

Estate planning tips

22 Feb 2016

The most important tip is to have a Will, keep it up to date when circumstances require a change and make sure your family knows where it is kept.

Choosing your executor

22 Sep 2015

An important part of making a Will is deciding who should act as the executor of your estate. An executor acts as your representative and will make sure that your wishes, as detailed in your Will, are followed.

Planning for your beneficiaries

19 Mar 2015

Have you nominated your children as beneficiaries to your super fund account? If so, you may have inadvertently exposed their super inheritance to future legal proceedings.

Giving Now or Giving Later

19 Nov 2014

Everybody knows you can't take it with you, but the bigger question is - when should you give your money away and how much should it be?  It's a question wrapped up in emotion, philosophy and financial planning. It's no small issue, especially with the passing of inheritance to the next generation expected to be the largest in history with some estimates putting it at over a trillion dollars.

Young families and the value of financial advice

07 Aug 2014

For young families, investing and planning for the future often revolves around one day being able to buy an investment property, perhaps having their own business, or saving for their children's education.

Legacy – what will yours be?

09 Apr 2014

The transfer of wealth from one generation to another requires careful thought about all of your assets and liabilities.  Having an effective estate plan helps ensure your assets, or the control of your assets, pass to your desired beneficiaries with minimal disruption and in the most tax-efficient manner.

Anti-detriment payments: How your family can claim back your superannuation taxes

10 Oct 2013

​I hate talking about morbid subjects such as death, however, having recently helped a client's family, I want to discuss a little known strategy called 'anti-detriment payments'. This strategy can help your family and increase the value of your estate.

Things to ponder before you move in together

13 Aug 2013

The relationship status of my clients can change. Sometimes it's due to a relationship breakdown, other times it can be the death of a partner.

Where there is a Will there is a Way

24 Apr 2013

Estate planning ensures your lifetime's work is passed onto the people you choose. Yet many people either do not have a Will or have one which no longer reflects their current circumstances.

Special Disability Trusts, a great planning tool for people with disabled children

08 Jan 2013

Death remains one of the certainties in life and for many people with disabled children this is a frightening prospect.

Funeral insurance - The great Australian rip-off

26 Oct 2012

In recent years there have been a number of television and print advertisements recommending that you consider funeral insurance.

Reducing the cost of your personal insurance cover

16 Oct 2012

Personal insurance is a necessary evil for most of us. Throughout our lives we want different levels of insurance cover and as we get older the cost of insurance increases as the risk of a claim also increases.

Wealth Protection matters

31 Aug 2012

Personal insurance is the most practical way to protect the assets you have worked hard to build.

The impact of irrational decisions on investment performance

01 Jan 1970