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New year, new you!

27 Jun 2019

Do you have any resolutions for the new financial year?

Private health insurance rebates

05 Jun 2019

Private health insurance is available for all Australians who wish to cover the costs of being a private patient in hospital.

The rising cost of cybercrime

07 Dec 2018

Last year, more than six million consumers — one in three Australian adults — fell victim to identity theft, credit card fraud or had their passwords compromised.

Safeguarding the bank of Mum and Dad

07 Dec 2018

The ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ now helps the majority of first home buyers get onto the property ladder. It’s an act of generosity that can come at a price if it’s not done in the right way.

Estate planning for overseas assets

07 Dec 2018

With one in four Australians born overseas and almost half of us with a parent born overseas1, it’s not uncommon for Australians to have a home or assets outside of Australia.

Ageing and aged care in Australia

07 Dec 2018

The number of people aged 65 and over in Australia is projected to more than double, to 8.8 million over the next 40 years.

What I wish I'd known

29 Aug 2018

It can feel like an uphill battle to stay ahead of the game financially.

The power of an attorney

28 Aug 2018

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to nominate someone you trust to make financial decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

Make technology work for you

28 Aug 2018

Are you a new technology pioneer, or a proud ‘technophobe’? Wherever you sit on the digital spectrum, the transformative power of technology is undeniable. What’s important is how you harness it.

Tax-effective strategies

24 May 2018

With 30 June fast approaching, now’s the time to put in place the strategies that could save you paying more tax than you need to this financial year. And, look at the most appropriate tax strategies for the 2019 financial year.

Time to set sail

24 May 2018

No longer the sole domain of retirees, cruises offer travellers the chance to add yoga classes, Michelin-starred menus and exotic explorations to their itinerary.

Market outlook for the new financial year

24 May 2018

The global economy looks strong for the next year but different risk factors may  affect consumer and business confidence.

Federal Budget 2018/19

09 May 2018

This year’s Federal Budget is an ‘election budget’ with tax cuts for all Australians that will be funded by the Government’s higher than expected revenue. All-in-all, changes to super were fairly limited in the Budget, with the Government focused on preventing the erosion of super funds with small balances.

Beat the health insurance price hike!

22 Mar 2018

On 1 April each year, health insurance premiums increase and this year is no different with an average increase of 3.95%* announced.  At the same time, the tax rebate for health fund premiums is decreasing.

News from Shadforth

20 Feb 2018

Recently we sponsored the AFL Fremantle Dockers Past Player History and Honour boards.

Unique Australian adventures await

20 Feb 2018

​The year 2018 is well underway, bringing with it a renewed sense of adventure. So where will your holidays take you this year? Europe? South America? Or why not explore somewhere closer to home?

The surplus cash flow trap

20 Feb 2018

It’s great knowing that when a bill comes in, you’ve got the surplus cash flow to cover it. But how can you make your money go further?

Rise of the grown-up gap year

20 Feb 2018

The festive season has come and gone and the new year brings with it a renewed sense of hope and determination to achieve your goals. You potentially greeted 2018 with a few hopes and resolutions.

A caravan to call home

13 Nov 2017

From the aqua blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the breathtaking burnt red of our rich, dusty centre, caravanning is a great way to explore Australia.

Self-service super contributions

13 Nov 2017

The 1 July 2017 super reforms have opened up a fantastic new opportunity to build wealth in super and reduce your tax bill at the same time.

Fuel for the soul

13 Nov 2017

Want to know the secret to happiness?

All I want for Christmas… is to survive it debt free

01 Nov 2017

Follow these tips and emerge in the New Year without the financial hangover.

Fitness for the 21st Century

28 Aug 2017

There’s no doubt that your financial wellbeing is important to ensure you have a comfortable retirement. But, to make the most of it, it’s just as important to have a healthy mind and body.

When’s the right time to get advice?

18 Jul 2017

The answer may not be what you think.


09 May 2017

A few handy hints around developing #clevercredit habits.

SWOT analysis and the family business

12 Sep 2016

What is SWOT analysis, and how it can be used to define objectives and achieve success.

Intelligent and sustainable - how does your home compare?

25 Aug 2016

Environmental sustainability and comfort are not mutually exclusive. Today, there are a number of ways you can reduce your utility bills, boost your comfort and live more sustainably.

Federal Budget update 2016/17

04 May 2016

This was not your typical Budget. Instead, the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, attempted to build an election platform for the Government and overall, this Budget is quite fair to most people.

The inside line

22 Feb 2016

If there’s one person you can trust to recommend a good place to eat, it’s a chef. So where do our homegrown foodies feast when they have finished feeding us?

Choosing a wine like a professional

22 Feb 2016

Top tips to stand you in good stead when you next go to a restaurant or are buying wine in a bottle shop.

What Star Wars teaches us financially

23 Nov 2015

Watching as an adult, there are fantastic life lessons and moral values in these movies. There are even terrific financial lessons in the messages.

Holidays of a lifetime

20 Nov 2015

To give you some inspiration we took a look around the world at some of the more unusual destinations on offer.