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Market Insight – Coronavirus

26 Mar 2020

Our Chief Investment Officer, Dan Farmer, looks at the share market impact of the coronavirus and the response to date from policymakers.

The electric car revolution

23 Mar 2020

Vehicles powered by fossil fuels are one of the major contributors to global warming and air pollution. With transportation the third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia1, one way of reducing your carbon footprint, living more sustainably and saving money, could be through the purchase of an electric vehicle (EV).

Investment market review - Quarter-ended 31 December 2019

18 Mar 2020

The Research team provides a performance summary and commentary on each of the five main asset classes.

Insurance and succession planning for small businesses

18 Mar 2020

When you start out in business, your focus is likely to be on growth and managing day-to-day activities. Then, as your business expands, things get more complex. Perhaps you take on more employees, acquire more assets or develop your product and service offering.

67 is the new 65

18 Mar 2020

Over the last 20 years, since 1999, the percentage of Australians age 65 years or over increased from 12.3% to 15.9%. This group is projected to increase more rapidly over the next decade, as more baby boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) turn 65.1

Sustainable Investment - aligning your investments with your values

18 Mar 2020

The recent devastating bushfires in Australia have driven the climate change conversation further up the political and public agenda. Industry is also responding with Blackrock, the world’s largest fund manager, recently pledging to toughen its stance on climate change by reducing its investment exposure to thermal coal.

News from our CEO

18 Mar 2020

Terry Dillon, CEO provides an update on the challenging start to the new year, the global forces driving market uncertainty and Shadforth becoming a certified fiduciary advice firm.

Coronavirus market update

16 Mar 2020

Our Research Team look at the factors that have driven recent share market volatility, and investigate the historical impacts of epidemics on investment markets.

Giving and leaving a legacy

28 Nov 2019

Traditionally, Christmas and the end of the year is seen as a time of giving to those less fortunate. But why stop giving at Christmas? We look at ways you can give in a meaningful way.

Investment market review - Quarter-ended 30 September 2019

28 Nov 2019

The Research team provides a performance summary and commentary on each of the five main asset classes.

The lay of the land - is property still a viable investment?

28 Nov 2019

In this article we provide an overview of the current state of the Australian property market, outline alternatives to investing in residential property and explain how you can reduce your tax liability and boost your retirement income.

Fitness and finance at your fingertips

28 Nov 2019

In today’s technology-driven world, we’re expected to be available, online, at any time. But with frequent studies telling us technology overuse is bad for our productivity, our sleep, our relationships and even our mental health, is it time to go offline?

Drawing down on your super - rewards and risks

28 Nov 2019

You’ve spent your life accumulating your super and now you’re nearing retirement and the next phase of your life. What are the options for transitioning to retirement and, once you retire completely, how can you avoid the risk of your super running out before you do?

News from our CEO

28 Nov 2019

Message from Terry Dillon – Shadforth CEO.

Are avocados to blame for housing affordability?

14 Oct 2019

Australian Demographer Bernard Salt wrote a tongue in cheek article for The Australian in 2016 about observing “young people who order smashed avocado with crumbled feta on five grain toasted bread at $22 a pop and more”.

Presidential tweets and inverted yield curves

28 Aug 2019

There has been a lot of media attention on inverted yield curves and what they say about an economy. Contrary to belief, it's not always an indicator of a looming recession.

Get your finances in shape

26 Aug 2019

We could all do with a coach to get our finances in shape. Seeking advice, sooner rather than later, can mean the difference between reaching financial independence and retiring on your terms, and not.

Keeping it in the family

19 Aug 2019

We spend our life planning for what lies ahead, but it’s also important to think about what we leave behind. This article examines why it’s important to involve your loved ones in the discussion.

Advantages and disadvantages of insurance in super

19 Aug 2019

Find out what to consider when selecting your life insurance cover.

Investment market review - quarter ended 30 June 2019

19 Aug 2019

The Research team provides a performance summary and commentary on each of the five main asset classes.

What's new in super and tax this financial year?

19 Aug 2019

The 2019/2020 financial year introduces some new opportunities to save for your retirement through super. We also provide an overview of the ‘protecting your super’ legislation and personal income tax changes.

Toxic tech: is it time to take a break?

19 Aug 2019

In today’s technology-driven world, we’re expected to be available, online, at any time. But with frequent studies telling us technology overuse is bad for our productivity, our sleep, our relationships and even our mental health, is it time to go offline?

Tax & super tips for EOFY 2019

05 Jun 2019

Want to get the most out of your tax return this year? Shadforth shares tax-efficient tips and strategies for EOFY 2019.

The art of portfolio diversification

04 Jun 2019

Refining your portfolio strategy? Find out why portfolio diversification is key to minimising risk and reaching your financial goals.

Investment market review - quarter ended 31 Mar 2019

15 May 2019

The Research Team provides a performance summary and commentary on each of the five main asset classes.

Plus, we illustrate the growth of different investments if you invested one Australian dollar in 2003.

Is it time to go off-grid?

15 May 2019

Once considered a radical way to live, many Australians are now viewing an off-grid lifestyle as both economically and environmentally savvy. We delve into some of the pros and cons and to help you determine whether it’s a good choice for you.

Shedding light on financial exposure

15 May 2019

Financial exposure is the gap between the level of life insurance required to meet your basic needs and the level of insurance you actually have in place in case an unexpected health event occurs. Financial exposure is a growing problem in Australia. This article looks at some of the reasons for this and why it’s important to minimise your financial exposure.

Economic outlook for 2019

15 May 2019

Overall, we are likely to see a slowdown in growth for both the Australian and global economies over the next year. Upcoming elections, including our own Federal election, will have a major influence on the economy as will government spending.

Super dependants

15 May 2019

If you have a superannuation fund, you’ve probably been asked to nominate your beneficiary. But, super fund trustees can only pay your super death benefit to eligible dependants1 or to the legal personal representative of your estate. Here’s what you and your family need to know.

2019 Federal Budget announcement

03 Apr 2019

Find out how the Federal Budget proposals could affect you.

Investment market review - quarter ended 31 December 2018

21 Mar 2019

The Research Team provides a performance summary and commentary on each of the five main asset classes.

The rising cost of cybercrime

07 Dec 2018

Last year, more than six million consumers — one in three Australian adults — fell victim to identity theft, credit card fraud or had their passwords compromised.

Investment market review – quarter-ended 30 September 2018

07 Dec 2018

The Research Team provides a performance summary and commentary on each of the five main asset classes.

What's new for the 2018/19 financial year?

28 Aug 2018

The start of the new financial year brings a number of changes and some new opportunities.

Investment market review

28 Aug 2018

A review of the quarter ended 30 June 2018.

Investment market review

24 May 2018

A review of the quarter ended 31 March 2018.

Elder abuse - are you protected?

24 May 2018

Elder abuse has been steadily rising over the last few years and protection is vital to have and be aware of.

The finer side of festivals

24 May 2018

Discover the finer side of festivals with these top selections from Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Tax-effective strategies

24 May 2018

With 30 June fast approaching, now’s the time to put in place the strategies that could save you paying more tax than you need to this financial year. And, look at the most appropriate tax strategies for the 2019 financial year.

Time to set sail

24 May 2018

No longer the sole domain of retirees, cruises offer travellers the chance to add yoga classes, Michelin-starred menus and exotic explorations to their itinerary.

Market outlook for the new financial year

24 May 2018

The global economy looks strong for the next year but different risk factors may  affect consumer and business confidence.

Federal Budget 2018/19

09 May 2018

This year’s Federal Budget is an ‘election budget’ with tax cuts for all Australians that will be funded by the Government’s higher than expected revenue. All-in-all, changes to super were fairly limited in the Budget, with the Government focused on preventing the erosion of super funds with small balances.

Investment market review

20 Feb 2018

A review of the quarter ended 31 December 2017.

The surplus cash flow trap

20 Feb 2018

It’s great knowing that when a bill comes in, you’ve got the surplus cash flow to cover it. But how can you make your money go further?

Rise of the grown-up gap year

20 Feb 2018

The festive season has come and gone and the new year brings with it a renewed sense of hope and determination to achieve your goals. You potentially greeted 2018 with a few hopes and resolutions.

Super opportunity for first home buyers and downsizers

20 Feb 2018

Whether you’re buying your first home or you’re ready to downsize, you may be able to use your super to help make the most of your money. These two new schemes support the Government’s goal of reducing pressure on housing affordability in Australia.

A caravan to call home

13 Nov 2017

From the aqua blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the breathtaking burnt red of our rich, dusty centre, caravanning is a great way to explore Australia.

Secure your children’s future education

13 Nov 2017

Giving a child a good education is one of the best things you can do as a parent or grandparent. But what if you weren’t around to help make it happen?

Investment market review

13 Nov 2017

A review of the quarter ended 30 September 2017.

Ethical investing — is it right for you?

13 Nov 2017

What is ethical investing and why would you get involved?

Australian market subdued

13 Nov 2017

The Australian market continued to lag international markets through the September quarter.

Australian dollar breaks through US 80c

28 Aug 2017

The Australian dollar has moved higher against many global currencies over the past few months, breaking through the psychological US 80c mark in late July, the highest level in over two years.

Focus on the United States

28 Aug 2017

The US economy continues to improve with both inflation and the labour market having strengthened over the past year.

Investment market review 30 June 2017

28 Aug 2017

A review of the quarter ended 30 June 2017.

What happens to your super if you die? An easy step now to save your family some grief

04 Jul 2017

The importance of nominating beneficiaries of your super account.

Budgeting for tax, risk and earnings

29 May 2017

The banking sector appears to be facing further regulatory, economic and fundamental headwinds.

Top five tips to prepare for the end of financial year

17 May 2017

With the end of financial year approaching, here are some tips to help you be prepared.

Investment market review

12 May 2017

Westpac recently announced that it will raise its variable home loan rates by 20 basis points in a move to boost its capital base.

Quality over quantity

12 May 2017

The clothes we wear, the furniture we sit on and the items we use throughout our lives take their toll on our savings and overall wealth.

Create your own club

12 May 2017

Having a special interest is an ideal way to boost your mind, body and soul in retirement.

Australia avoids a recession

12 May 2017

Australia avoided a recession at the end of last year

Talking telco trends

27 Feb 2017

How are technological advances impacting the telecommunications industry?

The retirement journey: Where are you now?

27 Feb 2017

Retirement is a journey and what you want will tend to change as you grow older.

Commodities - what a difference a year makes

27 Feb 2017

It’s been a long time since commodity prices rallied like in 2016.

Investment market review

27 Feb 2017

A review of the quarter ended 31 December 2016.

Famous walks around the world

27 Feb 2017

A holiday where you get to see new things, eat delicious food and benefit from exercise.

Apps and gadgets for boosting your brain and body

27 Feb 2017

As you move into retirement the amount of regular exercise you get simply by going to work can shrink.

Can your Will be challenged?

27 Feb 2017

Yes, but only in certain situations

Trump victory propels share markets

27 Feb 2017

Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections surprised both investors and political commentators alike.

Double your money – limited time only!

07 Feb 2017

With higher return opportunities comes risk.

Looking at the year ahead

21 Dec 2016

Before we look at 2017, let’s look at the year that has just passed for some background.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) season

01 Dec 2016

The AGM season has come and gone and a few themes dominated the headlines.

The Great Rotation?

01 Dec 2016

It appears as if investors have formed the view that Trumpenomics will be the dawn of a new era

Budget superannuation reforms become law

30 Nov 2016

On Wednesday 23 November 2016, legislation to make the changes to the superannuation laws announced in the 2016 Federal Budget passed into law (subject to Royal Assent).

Changes to the Age Pension assets test may reward those who take more risks

25 Nov 2016

On 1 January 2017, reductions to the assets test limits for the Age Pension will be introduced.

Don't be scammed: Safeguard your identity

25 Nov 2016

As more and more of us head online to manage our financial affairs, it’s increasingly important to take precautions to protect your online identity.

Reinvention in retirement

25 Nov 2016

At look at how you and others can benefit from your newfound time in retirement.

Appointing a guardian

24 Nov 2016

Why should you appoint a guardian for your children?

Investment market review

24 Nov 2016

Quarter ended 30 September 2016

Are you eligible? Changes to concession cards

24 Nov 2016

Centrelink asset test rules are changing on 1 January 2017.

Australian holidays: Explore some great festivals

24 Nov 2016

Some of the best Australian cultural festivals that offer art, music, good food and wine.

Boosting inflation: Central banks struggle

24 Nov 2016

Banks boost deposit rates and diverge from the Reserve Bank of Australia

Donald Trump(s) Clinton

10 Nov 2016

Pollsters were unable to redeem themselves from their Brexit failings with another incorrect prediction. Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the race for the US Presidency.

Third quarter 2016 commentary

24 Oct 2016

A review of the third quarter of 2016.

Results season wrap

29 Sep 2016

The major themes from this reporting season.

Changes to Budget super reforms announced

19 Sep 2016

Changes to Budget super reforms announced: $500,000 lifetime NCC cap dropped.

The Japanese yen - why is it a safe haven?

25 Aug 2016

The yen is the official currency of Japan and has been considered a safe haven currency for decades. A safe haven currency is expected to retain its value during financial market weakness and when risk aversion increases.

Investment market review 30 June 2016

25 Aug 2016

Investment market review for the quarter ended 30 June 2016.

Interest rate hits record low

25 Aug 2016

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) lowered the cash rate unexpectedly by 25 basis points during the quarter to 1.75 per cent and in early August further cut the rate to an historical low of 1.50 per cent.

Term deposit rates: An unexpected positive for savers

23 Aug 2016

The Reserve Bank of Australia cut the official interest rate to a record low of 1.50%. Whilst such news would usually be greeted with dismay by savers, since many financial institutions would lower their deposit rates, the response from the banks regarding their term deposit (TD) rates was surprising

Second quarter 2016 commentary

26 Jul 2016

From the federal election to Brexit, a look at the second quarter of 2016.

Understanding Listed Investment Companies

28 Jun 2016

Listed Investment Companies offer exposure to a professionally managed portfolio of securities.

News from Shadforth

26 May 2016

Stepping up for MS

How to cultivate a community

25 May 2016

Fresh produce, new friends and exercise in the great outdoors — a community garden ticks all the boxes.

Investment market review

24 May 2016

Quarter ended 31 March 2016.

A leap year can also cause your tax to leap

24 May 2016

Because it's a leap year, some may receive an extra pay period.

Is the Eurozone on the path to recovery?

24 May 2016

The economic recovery in the Eurozone has been progressing at a slower pace than initially expected.

Protect yourself and your family — more than just a Will

24 May 2016

If you have an accident or fall ill, you may need someone to make decisions on your behalf.

Australia's transition

24 May 2016

Australia’s transition from mining to a service driven economy continues

Taking on Kokoda

24 May 2016

Preparing for the Kokoda Trail requires both physical and mental commitment, but the experience is one you’ll never forget.

Investing for yield

23 May 2016

Global interest rates are now near zero or negative in some cases. In this environment, investors, particularly retirees who are in need of income, have moved away from traditional fixed income towards using dividends from shares to provide income.

Federal Budget update 2016/17

04 May 2016

This was not your typical Budget. Instead, the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, attempted to build an election platform for the Government and overall, this Budget is quite fair to most people.

A review of the banking sector: Where to from here?

28 Apr 2016

A review of the latest banking sector results.

The fate of the contractor

24 Mar 2016

This sector will deliver very mixed returns and stock selection is paramount.

Reporting season wrap

24 Mar 2016

This reporting season, 38 per cent of companies beat their earnings per share estimates, outweighing the 34 per cent that failed to meet their estimates.


07 Mar 2016

The three l’s – legislation, liquidity and leverage

Is it really all China's fault

22 Feb 2016

The Australian market got off to a rocky start in 2016 and much of the blame was placed on China.

Investment market review

22 Feb 2016

A review of the quarter ended 31 December 2015.

Markets meet tough challenges

22 Feb 2016

Geopolitical issues dominated global news headlines as the year drew to a close, overshadowing macro and micro fundamentals.

Market chaos: It's all Chinese to me

13 Jan 2016

The Australian market has taken its lead from China as concerns of a ‘hard landing,’ China’s newly implemented stock market circuit breakers and the devaluation of the Renminbi (RMB) have sent shock waves around global equity markets.

What Star Wars teaches us financially

23 Nov 2015

Watching as an adult, there are fantastic life lessons and moral values in these movies. There are even terrific financial lessons in the messages.

Does the holiday home dream stack up?

20 Nov 2015

It’s coming to that time of year when you spend time relaxing with family and friends in your favourite holiday destinations. A thought that often follows is, ‘Wouldn’t this be a great place to buy for our future holidays and as an investment for our retirement?’

Investment market review

20 Nov 2015

A review of the quarter ended 30 September 2015.

A volatile quarter

20 Nov 2015

International share markets fall as uncertainty spikes.

Merger and acquisition activity in Australia

05 Nov 2015

2015 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in Australia since the global financial crisis.

Impact of the falling Australian dollar

05 Nov 2015

Over the past year the Australian dollar (AUD) has fallen almost 20 per cent from 88 cents to just under 73 cents against the US dollar (USD). The falling AUD not only affected the Australian economy, but also influences companies listed on the ASX from both a revenue and costs perspective.

The art of achieving what is important to you

16 Oct 2015

Recently I attended the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery. Not only did I enjoy viewing the exhibitions, but I also enjoyed reading the descriptions next to each painting. I am a 'mindset' type of person.

Reporting season wrap

02 Oct 2015

The company reporting season has finished for another year, with FY15 results generally in-line with market expectations. The S&P/ASX 200 index underperformed international equities during August, ending the month 7.8 per cent lower.

US Federal Reserve leaves rates unchanged

02 Oct 2015

One of the biggest questions for global share markets during 2015 has been when the US Federal Reserve will lift short-term interest rates. US interest rates have been near zero since the Global Financial Crisis to encourage borrowing and boost growth.

Hybrid sector – Weakness provides opportunity

02 Oct 2015

Hybrid securities earn their name from the fact that they possess characteristics of both equity (ownership) and debt (loan) investment. Most hybrids are listed on the ASX and can be bought and sold like any other listed investment.

The China syndrome

22 Sep 2015

The recent severe volatility in China's share markets has raised questions about the causes of the fall and about the wider implications for the global economy and markets generally.

Mental toughness for investors

28 Aug 2015

The investment markets have had a pretty good run over the last few years. A lot of people have forgotten about the events of 2008 ('what Global Financial Crisis?'). However, a little bit of nervousness has entered peoples' minds with fears around Greece and China.

Banking sector - The race to raise capital

27 Aug 2015

One of the main themes from the company reporting season so far is the race for the major banks to boost capital on their balance sheets, with ANZ and Commonwealth Bank announcing equity raisings.

China’s devaluation of the renminbi

27 Aug 2015

On 11 August 2015, the People's Bank of China (PBOC) surprised the market by devaluing the renminbi (RMB) against the U.S. dollar by 1.9 per cent. The devaluation was the biggest one-day move in two decades. Subsequent moves have seen the cumulative devaluation reach 4.4 per cent at the time of writing.

Has the dragon run out of puff?

31 Jul 2015

​As Chinese property lost momentum in 2014, retail investors shifted their money to the stock market, spurred on by state government publications. China A shares are mainland-based, denominated in yuan and traded primarily by locals on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

What does the Iran deal mean for the energy sector?

31 Jul 2015

​After many years of negotiations, Iran and six major world powers the US, China, the UK, Russia, France and Germany have agreed on a nuclear deal.

End of financial year wrap

31 Jul 2015

​Late selling in May and June saw the Australian share market, as measured by the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation index, end the 2015 financial year 5.7 per cent higher.

Hybrid securities – How do the conversion conditions impact risk?

01 Jul 2015

With the recent fall in interest rates offered on term deposits, investors are looking for alternative investments to boost their income. Hybrid securities are an increasingly popular method of achieving fixed interest exposure, however it is important that investors understand the key terms before investing.

Lower interest rates may be good for some, but...

24 Jun 2015

Since the global financial crisis, central banks across the globe have kept interest rates at historically low levels in an attempt to stimulate economic growth.

The new revolution

24 Jun 2015

Life doesn't get better by chance– it gets better by change. We are living through a new economic revolution. The first revolution occurred in the Middle East about 12,000 years ago, after the last Ice Age, and it gave us farming.

Banking sector - Why the recent underperformance?

29 May 2015

​The Australian banking sector has come under selling pressure recently, recording its sharpest retracement versus the S&P/ASX 200 Index since the global financial crisis. The weakness comes after the release of half year results from all the major banks except the Commonwealth Bank, which provided a third quarter trading update.

Dividend reinvestment plans: Should you participate?

29 May 2015

Dividend reinvestment plans (DRPs) allow shareholders to reinvest the money they would ordinarily receive as dividends into additional company shares.

Oil prices and Greece - how are they affecting investment markets?

19 Mar 2015

​Investment markets constantly provide many topics of interest to discuss. Here we comment on two themes that have been of recent interest: oil prices and the Greek renegotiation.

Building on the future of enhanced asset class investing

19 Mar 2015

In the September 2014 edition of The Edge we looked at the financial benefits that can be achieved from what is known as enhanced asset class investing.

Low return or a negative return - what's your pick?

13 Feb 2015

Recently the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut interest rates to a historic low of 2.25%. This is great news for those who have mortgages, loans or other debt as interest charges are further reduced.

Pass or fail? Your financial health check

30 Jan 2015

​When was the last time you reviewed your financial position and asked yourself whether the plans you have in place are still appropriate given your current circumstances, or is there more you could be doing to get you where you want to be?

Do international property prices impact our economy?

12 Dec 2014

With many people having the majority of their wealth tied up in the value of their homes, house prices have a significant impact on an economy. While this is generally true globally, Australia is perhaps more sensitive to property price movements than most countries.

Infobesity – and what to do about it?

11 Dec 2014

Traditionally the major challenge, when it came to making decisions, was the lack of reliable information. This was true in most areas of life – and it was definitely true when it came to personal finance and investing. However, our world has come a long way in the last 20-years or so.

How time travel can improve your finances and your life

28 Nov 2014

Often the media would have us believe that investment success relies on us picking the right investment or backing the right fund manager. They describe investing as if it were roulette. Place your bets and see how you go.

Mergers and Acquisitions – what are the long-term implications?

23 Oct 2014

The past 12 months has seen an increase in mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity in Australia. While corporate activity can boost share prices, what does this mean for shareholders over the long-term?

Investment portfolio returns – could YOU be the problem?

21 Oct 2014

Over the years many people spend untold hundreds if not thousands of dollars to hire, fire and re-hire investment managers whom they perceive as being the best and most successful. But could it be that investment success is not just about the skills of the manager? Of far more importance is the behaviour of the investor.

Reaping the benefits of enhanced asset investing

19 Sep 2014

Asset class investing involves construction of portfolios that reliably deliver the returns of a specific asset class. These portfolios are constructed by purchasing all, or a large number of the securities within an asset class.

Investor or Speculator?

14 Aug 2014

I often meet with people who view themselves as 'investors' however, when I look closely into their financial affairs what I often find is that they are actually 'speculators'. So what is the difference?

Young families and the value of financial advice

07 Aug 2014

For young families, investing and planning for the future often revolves around one day being able to buy an investment property, perhaps having their own business, or saving for their children's education.

Pulling the anchor: how to be a smart investor

07 Aug 2014

Conventional financial theory suggests that people are, for the most part, rational wealth maximisers. Quite often however, human psychology and emotion influence our decision-making process resulting in irrational or unpredictable judgements.

Investing in Property? Things you should keep in mind

20 Jun 2014

Property may seem like a great investment opportunity, and for some it is. However, it is not the right choice for every investor.

Investment returns – does tax really matter?

22 May 2014

​You bet it does. You see, we have a habit of spending our money in after-tax dollars. So if we are relying on our investments to fund our lifestyle in retirement those investments will need to work harder if our return is being eroded away by excessive amounts of income or capital gains tax along the way.

Why are market forecasts so unreliable?

10 Apr 2014

It is often suggested that some of the smartest people in the world work in financial markets. Unfortunately, intelligence doesn't necessarily equate to the ability to correctly and consistently predict the movements of markets and individual securities.

Financial Astrology … it’s all in the stars

18 Mar 2014

"The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable" – John Kenneth Galbraith

Exchange Traded Funds

07 Mar 2014

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are funds that hold a portfolio of securities managed to match the performance of an underlying index. Because they are index based, they are generally an efficient, liquid and cost-effective way to get exposure to various equity and bond markets.

Part 3: Which is better for financial freedom - buying a home or renting and investing?

16 Sep 2013

​I have a 'friend' who was very, very lucky that his mother was willing to assist him in getting a financial headstart (thanks, Mum). My friend was also very lucky that the father of his girlfriend at the time was also very helpful with financial advice (thanks, Charlie).

Part 2: Which is better for financial freedom -buying a home or renting and investing?

12 Sep 2013

​In my previous blog, I suggested that renting and investing could be a better financial option than buying a home outright.

Part 1: Which is better for financial freedom -buying a home or renting and investing?

02 Sep 2013

​It used to be the 'Great Australian Dream'.... finish school, build a career, meet the love of your life, buy a home and start a family.

What are franking credits?

30 Jul 2013

The dividend imputation system was put in place by the Government to avoid the double taxation of company profits. That is, company profit taxed in both the hands of the company and the shareholder.

Is your budget in surplus or deficit?

18 Jun 2013

Over the last year there has been lots of talk about the federal budget. With headlines such as 'Budget needs tough choices' and 'Surplus? You already spent it' – there is no denying that achieving a budget surplus is a very important issue.

The forgotten costs of investment properties

14 Jun 2013

​There are many misconceptions around the real rate of return on investment properties. This is often due to the forgotten costs associated with them.

Eight top tips for a good investment philosophy

12 Jun 2013

Over the last year, the Australian share markets is up by around 22% and the listed property markets is up by around 30%. Even the less volatile, more conservative bond markets are up by around 7%. These return numbers are certainly high. However, are they the highest numbers I have seen over the last 12 months? No, not even close. So what are?

Reason to believe

03 Jun 2013

"Seen a man standin' over a dead dog lyin' by the highway in a ditch He's lookin' down kinda puzzled pokin' that dog with a if he stood there long enough that dog'd get up and the end of every hard earned day people find some reason to believe"  Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska (1982)

Will the stock market always go up in the long term?

01 Jun 2013

With the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) still fresh in investors' minds, I often get asked, "how do you know the stock market will continue to go up?"

When should you sell?

22 May 2013

Making the decision to 'sell' something is just as hard as it is to make the decision to buy an asset. Most of the advice which you will receive revolves around purchasing a particular investment but very little advice is given on when to sell an investment.

To Gear or not to Gear

13 May 2013

'You need to borrow money to make money'. This is a common phrase when it comes to investing or wealth accumulation. Unfortunately it is bandied around all too often and flippantly used within the financial services industry.

A little secret

01 May 2013

I'll let you in on a little secret - I don't know when the market will turn.

What makes a successful investor?

01 May 2013

Despite the popular perception there is no magic recipe to be a 'successful investor'. Like everything in life worth achieving, it takes time, patience and discipline.

You have to be in it to win it!

24 Apr 2013

There's no such thing as a free lunch in business—but diversification offers the closest thing in investment.

Six Ways to Avoid Financial Disasters

23 Apr 2013

For the most part, the period since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has been characterised by years of market volatility, and with 'risk aversion' the dominant theme across the globe. We only have to look at bond yields to know that investors have craved capital security, regardless of return.

Part 3: Testing your strategies to ensure you reach your goals

12 Apr 2013

You have probably noticed that in my last two blogs, I have not mentioned financial structures (such as family trusts, companies, self managed superannuation funds.) Nor have I mentioned financial strategies (such as superannuation contributions, loan repayments, insurances, estate planning) or specific investments!

Part 2: Building the decision-making framework for your investment strategy

11 Apr 2013

In my first blog I discussed the questions you need to ask yourself to determine your goals. In my second blog I'll focus on how, in conjunction with your financial adviser, you can build a decision-making framework to achieve them.

Do you let your investments limit your goals, or make your goals dictate your investment strategy?

10 Apr 2013

In my role as a Private Client Adviser I see and hear a lot of misunderstandings about the financial planning process. This ranges from the BBQ conversation about the "killing" somebody made on an investment, to the media suggesting their readers go in a certain direction, even though they are writing for the broad masses.

Your SMSF. Your Choice

19 Mar 2013

Self managed superannuation funds (SMSF) continue to enjoy significant growth, but why? Is it just so investors can control their own investment decisions or is there more to it?

Sectors of the Australian sharemarket

14 Mar 2013

Portfolio diversification is one of the most fundamental and important tenets of modern portfolio theory.

$21bn wipe out - please explain?

13 Mar 2013

"Chinese jitters prompt $21b wipe-out" Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) 5th March 2013

How do Australian shares work?

07 Mar 2013

Buying a share in a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) means that you are a part owner in that company.

The tricks of the trade

22 Feb 2013

We all know that we cannot always believe what we read, yet what else do we have? In the investment world this conundrum is an advertising manager's dream.

The myth of the average return?

11 Feb 2013

In the media the term "average return" is frequently used to describe in theory what the average investor received on their investments for the specified period. The return on any investment, in very simple terms, is determined where you invest your money.

Finding quality investments

21 Jan 2013

Finding quality investments is like looking for a needle in the hay stack. It is something that many people look for but few find over the long term.

Indexes and Index based investments

20 Nov 2012

In the media you often hear the term Index or Index Funds, they are simply 'baskets' of stocks, bonds or other investments that are designed to replicate an investment market or sector.

Funding your children's education?

15 Nov 2012

In the event that you elect to send your children to a private school, this can be a costly exercise and although the tuition fees vary, you can expect to pay anywhere from $12,000pa to $30,000pa for a year 12 or university student.

Negatively gearing an investment property - to buy or not to buy?

31 Oct 2012

Thinking about buying an investment property? Done your research on the property market, your suburb, the rental returns, future growth potential, bank ready to lend the money – you'd be done right, ready to buy – wrong!

A tax deduction won't make you wealthy

25 Sep 2012

Despite what many people will tell you, claiming a "tax deduction" in itself won't make you wealthy.

Are you your own worst enemy?

29 Aug 2012

Are you an impetuous and impulsive investor? Do you take solace in the knowledge that if you make a wrong decision you can always change it later?

International Diversification: A world of opportunity

29 Jun 2012

Portfolio diversification is one of the most fundamental and important tenets of modern portfolio theory.

Changes to the Government Guarantee of Bank Deposits

07 Mar 2012

The Government Guarantee arrangements was introduced in October 2008 at the height of the global financial crisis to help promote stability in the Australian financial system via the provision of a guarantee on deposits (up to $1,000,000) held in authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) incorporated in Australia.

Longevity: The Ups and Downs

30 May 2011

Across the globe the wonders of modern medicine are playing their part in increasing our life span. By way of example, for the period 2005 to 2010, the United Nations ranked Australia in the top 15 countries for life expectancy.

The Government’s stimulus package in response to the Coronavirus

01 Jan 1970

We look at the Government’s economic stimulus package in response to coronavirus, and the measures that may be relevant to you.

The impact of irrational decisions on investment performance

01 Jan 1970