A smarter way to buy your next car

27 Aug 2014

By Daniel White

When it comes time to buy a new car, most of us don't enjoy the process of dealing with the salesperson at the car yard. A recent Gallup Poll rated car salespeople third lowest in a list of professions ranked by 'honesty and ethics' (disappointingly still ranking higher than politicians). This perception is fuelled by a lack of pricing transparency and a maze of extra fees or special discounts that apparently randomly apply.

While the internet has levelled the playing field somewhat and has certainly made elements of new car research easier, a new car purchase continues to be a source of stress and hassle for most people. Is there a better way? In short, yes! A quality vehicle buying service is more convenient, more time efficient and will take the stress and legwork out of the negotiation. Importantly, such a service will almost always result in a better price than individuals can achieve themselves.

A vehicle buying service provides individuals with access to the collective buying power and service expectations of a large group. The purchase of your new car is effectively put to tender across a wide range of dealers – who then actively compete for the sale.

Having done our research on the various vehicle buying services available in Australia, we have now seen staff and clients secure vehicles with great success. While the headline benefit is a lower negotiated purchase price (typically between $3,000 and $10,000 depending on the car), the purchase and service experience is also greatly enhanced.

How does it work? Tell the vehicle buying service what make and model you're interested in. They can arrange a test drive (if required), negotiate the best price (either locally or interstate), source the vehicle and accessories, and then deliver it to your door. If necessary, they are also able to offer finance and deal with a trade-in. The vehicle buying service is paid for by the successful motor vehicle dealer once the transaction is complete, although a deposit to cover the initial costs in running the tender on your behalf is generally required.

When you're next in the market for a new car, be sure to let us know. A referral through to a vehicle buying service has the potential to free up your weekends, reduce the frustration and stress in this transaction, and ultimately save you thousands of dollars.

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