Are you the ‘perfect player’ in your industry?

24 Sep 2013

By Darren Higgs

Whether talking about sport or industry, the qualities that make a perfect player or employee (whatever level you are at, from beginner to CEO) are the same.

Anybody who knows me knows I love my sport. I strongly believe that business can learn a lot from sporting teams. The whole team structure is set up to allow the player to perform under immense pressure in front of millions of people. To allow this, the player must spend the whole week preparing themselves physically, mentally and emotionally to be the absolute best they can be for that game. They must not only be good individually but also work as part of a team to make them the best. After the game, win or lose, they must block everything out and go back to preparing perfectly for the next week. This takes a certain focus, discipline and determination which a lot of people may not have.

I once heard Phil Gould talk at the Financial Planning Association conference many moons ago. Phil is one of the most successful rugby league coaches of all time and in my opinion, an even better motivational speaker. Phil was asked to describe his perfect '10 out of 10' player. As you read these attributes, think about your career and ask yourself whether you are a perfect player for your industry:

  • High skill and technical level;
  • Outstanding world-class professional;
  • Tactically aware and disciplined;
  • Excellent and refined game preparation;
  • Total concentration on the task at hand;
  • Great decision maker;
  • Good leader in the workplace;
  • Ability to do the job at a high standard every time;
  • Always open to suggestions for improvement;
  • Not phased at the thought of going up against other world-class opponents;
  • Superior fitness levels...yes, this even applies to those with desk jobs;
  • Knows what they need to work on in practice. They understand their weaknesses and are constantly working to make this a strength;
  • Does the extra work, over and above what the client, opposition or boss expect;
  • Organises their life to achieve their goals;
  • Mentally strong. You must be to maintain focus and discipline, irrespective of the result from your previous endeavour.

Raise your hand if you think you tick all of these boxes. I will put my hand down so I can continue typing this blog, however not many people can say they are world class in all of the above points. However, getting there all starts with YOU! Therefore, on the honesty factor, rate yourself out of 10 on the following:

  • Appearance - are you dressed for the job you want rather than the job you have? Are you shaved? Do you smell good? Do you have a smile on your face? You never get a second chance to make a first impression;
  • Health, diet and nutrition - this is important, as it affects concentration and mental awareness;
  • Exercise - again, this is important, as it affects your ability to perform at a high standard for a long time, even if you have a desk job;
  • Punctuality – even one minute late can change somebody's thoughts of you;
  • Reliability - do you do what you say you are going to do when you say you will do it?
  • Absolute commitment - the world makes way for the committed person;
  • Preparation for each of your tasks / projects;
  • Record-keeping;
  • Diary keeping;
  • Personality under pressure;
  • Knowledge of your client;
  • Knowledge of your competitors;
  • Knowledge of your service and product;
  • Enthusiasm, irrespective of your most recent 'result';
  • Thoroughness with all aspects of your career and life;
  • Durability to hang tough during the bad times;
  • Mental toughness to block out everything but the task at hand;
  • No person is an island. You want to have fun and involve all of the important people in your life. Therefore, are you still spending quality time with your family and friends? Are you getting along well with your clients and fellow staff, even in a non-work capacity? This is the most important point on the honesty factor.

You spend so much of your personal time on your career, so why not be the perfect player? Twisting these words around, you have plenty of time each week to work on being the 'world-class-10-out-of-10-perfect-player' in your industry. So get started now.

I love hearing success stories, as it inspires me to be better for my clients and for me every day. So let me know how you have rated yourself on the above points. If there are any points you are particularly strong on, give me or my colleagues a call or an email and let us know how you achieved it.

Alternatively, if there are areas you need help on, also let us know. We meet so many successful people in so many fields of life that we have a virtual community in terms of experience and information. If we cannot help you personally, we will know somebody who can.

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