Why your financial adviser cares about you

10 Aug 2015

By Darren Higgs

The main thing I enjoy about being a financial adviser at Shadforth Financial Group is the sense of community among our client base and our staff. It really is one big family, where everybody enjoys each other's successes and commiserates in others' struggles. It is fun to be around.

Over the years, I have observed what makes Shadforth Financial Group's advisers so great, and came up with the following:

We want you to succeed

All of our advisers - in fact, all of our staff - want you to succeed, regardless of who you are and what your starting point is. This is not limited to your investments. We want you to succeed in life, with your family, with your career, and within your community. We want you to succeed in all of the areas that are important to you. It is an honour to help and share your wins.

We think about you all the time

Even when we are not having regular progress meetings with you or speaking on the phone, we are still thinking of you. We constantly read or hear things that remind us of you and use that knowledge to better help you. Every interaction we have brings you closer to your goals. Every meeting you miss brings you closer to not achieving your important objectives. The more we get to work with you, the more we get to help you kick goals and stop self-sabotaging behaviour.

You give us great joy

The best gift you can give a financial adviser is entrusting us to assist you with the things that are really important to you. This does not just mean financial matters. It means allowing us into your life, allowing us to really know and understand you and your family and allowing us to help you enjoy, protect and improve your lifestyle over time. It means allowing us to help remove anxiety from daily decisions, to allow you to achieve independence and to help you build a legacy. We love it, as we spend a lot of energy designing a plan that will achieve all of the things that are important to you. We also get a lot of satisfaction seeing you achieve your aims and/or learn the lessons along the way. You help us enjoy the process. 

You, in turn, can help others

The next best gift you can give your financial adviser is letting your family and friends know that your financial plan is benefiting you. Heck, they may even want to speak to us themselves. One of the things that makes a community successful is the members have a common interest. Your family and friends have helped you become the person you are today, the person we love working with. Why not let them receive the same benefits you are receiving? 

We enjoy your success.... sometimes more than you do

We love helping and seeing you achieve your goals. It is gratifying and humbling. This all comes back to the power of a team. Have you ever seen the 4 x 100m relay swim at the Olympics? Sometimes swimmers break world records in the relay event but cannot do the same when they swim the individual event. This is because the power of the team helps motivate them. With financial planning, it is teamwork (between you, your adviser and the team we build around you) that help everybody achieve greatness.

You help educate us

Financial planning is much more than the money side. It is life experiences as well. This is the really challenging part to master. However, it is also the part that separates a 'text book adviser' from a 'trusted adviser'. Very often, the people that best teach financial advisers are our clients. For example, I knew about a variety of financial matters before I or my family ever had to deal with them. This included redundancies, estate planning, aged care residences, death, major illnesses, philanthropic matters, good travel destinations, children's education, motor vehicle updates, home renovations....you name it. This is because I walked with my clients through these things many, many times. As financial advisers, we are then able to pass these lessons on to others, as well as use the experiences we gain from other clients to help you. 

If you have any queries on the above article, please email me on darren.higgs@sfg.com.au or call on 9919 8888. Remember, every time I get to help you achieve your goals, you are also helping my work satisfaction. ​​

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