Apps and gadgets for boosting your brain and body

27 Feb 2017

By Shadforth Financial Group

We all know staying physically and mentally active is good for us but as you move into retirement the amount of regular exercise you get simply by going to work can shrink. Thankfully, smartphone technology means there are now great ways you can stay fit and even learn at the same time.

No matter what types of hobbies or sports you’re interested in, it’s very likely there is a useful app that will boost your enjoyment or knowledge.

Walking tour apps

Before you head off on your next holiday, you may find it useful to investigate whether there are any apps associated with the region you’re visiting. As an example, the City of Sydney offers an app that is the ideal companion for your very own walking tour. The app has more than 400 historical and public art points included. You can discover new neighbourhoods, learn about Sydney’s Modernist architecture and unearth stories behind the city’s most loved public artworks. The councils of Melbourne and Adelaide also have walking tour apps available to help you learn and discover more when you are on holiday.

Go to your app store and search for walking tour apps for the region you’re next visiting. You may be surprised at the variety of apps you can find. These apps are often free or only cost a couple of dollars and can really enhance your travel experience.

Fitness tracking apps

There are a huge range of these types of apps, some will have recommended routines while others let you record the distance and time you have walked or run. You can also buy special wristbands that track your pulse, calories burned as well as distance. Some apps allow you to see how your friends are performing so you can add some competition into your fitness routine.

Waterproof music

Take your music with your everywhere you go, even in  the water! Waterproof digital music players can now be accompanied with waterproof headphones. You can listen to podcasts, audio books or music. Several waterproof headphones provide different attachments so it’s easy to find a fit that’s right for the shape of your ear canal and provides a good seal against water. These handy gadgets are a great way to make those morning laps of the pool pass a little more quickly.

Heart rate monitor cap

Most heart rate monitor chest straps can be uncomfortable and awkward to wear, often needing adjustment mid-workout. But a heart rate monitor cap  is as simple as it sounds — a comfy cap that gives you an accurate heart rate reading. It may also keep an eye on your temperature, movement, and total calories burned while you’re on the go.

UV wristband

If you’re constantly on the move and enjoying a range of outdoor activities, keeping track of how much sun

you’ve been exposed to can be tough. That’s where a UV wristband can eliminate the guesswork, simply changing colour when you need to apply more sunscreen or when you need to avoid the sun entirely. Most of these bands are waterproof as well so they’re great for the beach.

Yoga apps

Need help winding down at the end of the day, but still want to work those muscles? Downloading a yoga app could be the solution for you. Many off these apps feature a library of yoga and meditation classes that range in timeframes and ability. You can focus on strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance, or a combination. Some of these apps even allow you to create your own classes using the app’s library of poses.

Staying active can sometimes feel difficult but an app or a gadget can really boost the enjoyment you get from exercise or learning. You will get the best out of retirement if you stay healthy and happy so explore some of the amazing types of apps available and challenge yourself to achieve new physical and mental goals.

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