News from Shadforth

25 Aug 2016

By Shadforth Financial Group

Supporting literacy in our community
Recently our Victorian team, with support from the IOOF Foundation, partnered with the Ardoch Youth Foundation in a two-year Literacy Buddy program.

Literacy Buddies® is a targeted pen-pal program which encourages students to read and write, and provide them with meaningful interactions with positive working adult role models. A class of students and their workplace volunteer ‘Big Buddies’ exchange monthly letters, with the goals of encouraging students to read and write, raising their aspirations and increasing their engagement in learning.

The Buddies recently met face-to-face at a mid-year school visit to build the relationship and bond between them. At the end of the year the Little Buddies will be visiting the Big Buddies at their Southbank office. These experiences are provided to motivate educational engagement and boost self-esteem for children at critical stages of their lives.

About Ardoch Youth Foundation
The Ardoch Youth Foundation is a charity that provides education support for children and young people in disadvantaged  communities. Their primary objective is to build the capacity of schools, childcare services and communities to deliver targeted programs that will improve learning and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people in areas of high need and enable them to access learning, stay in school and reach their full potential.

We hope to expand this program nationally to other Shadforth offices in 2017 and look forward to giving you further updates.

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