Want your own personal concierge?

31 May 2015

By Shadforth Financial Group

You might not know it, but if you have a platinum credit card, you probably already have one!

Whilst most credit card users understand the basics of their card's reward programs – such as frequent flyer points, discount programs and interest free periods – most aren't aware of a benefit that is attached to almost every platinum card on offer: a personal concierge service.

One phone call, two or three numbers into the keypad and about 30 seconds later you can be talking direct to your very own personal concierge.

Usually, the service is a part of your annual fee. It provides access to some really attractive discounts – including up to 75% of the advertised prices for many hotels. And they even provide advice.

Other services they can provide are:

  • Information and booking of domestic and international flights
  • Sourcing, purchasing, and delivery of tickets for the theatre, concerts and sporting events (even when the event has already 'sold out') for events all over the world.
  • Arranging hospitality and entertainment packages.
  • Referral and reservations for restaurants, hotels, and car hire.
  • Arranging reservations at domestic and international gold courses.
  • Location specific shopping information.
  • Delivery of flowers or gifts.
  • Party planning for special occasions.
  • Appointments with hair dressers, day-spas, make-up artists and the like for special events or just because you or your partner deserves it.
  • Appointments with qualified personal trainers in most major cities.
  • Gift sourcing
  • Referrals to conference facilities and business services.
  • Computer rental, audio/visual equipment referrals & arrangements.

All in all, it is an impressive list – and it's free! Well, the concierge piece is free – you will still need to pay for the underlying service or product.

Remember, if you have a platinum (or other 'premium') card, you are likely paying an annual fee of between $500 and $800. So take advantage of the added benefits – or dial down your cost and start using a cheaper, no-frills card.

Either way, you will be financially ahead.

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