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Taking on Kokoda

24 May 2016

Preparing for the Kokoda Trail requires both physical and mental commitment, but the experience is one you’ll never forget.

Investing for yield

23 May 2016

Global interest rates are now near zero or negative in some cases. In this environment, investors, particularly retirees who are in need of income, have moved away from traditional fixed income towards using dividends from shares to provide income.

Federal Budget update 2016/17

04 May 2016

This was not your typical Budget. Instead, the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, attempted to build an election platform for the Government and overall, this Budget is quite fair to most people.

A review of the banking sector: Where to from here?

28 Apr 2016

A review of the latest banking sector results.

The fate of the contractor

24 Mar 2016

This sector will deliver very mixed returns and stock selection is paramount.

Reporting season wrap

24 Mar 2016

This reporting season, 38 per cent of companies beat their earnings per share estimates, outweighing the 34 per cent that failed to meet their estimates.


07 Mar 2016

The three l’s – legislation, liquidity and leverage

Is it really all China's fault

22 Feb 2016

The Australian market got off to a rocky start in 2016 and much of the blame was placed on China.

News from Shadforth

22 Feb 2016

We’re pleased to welcome Angus Benbow as the new Chief Executive Officer of Shadforth Financial Group.

The inside line

22 Feb 2016

If there’s one person you can trust to recommend a good place to eat, it’s a chef. So where do our homegrown foodies feast when they have finished feeding us?

Going overseas? Don't forget to tell Centrelink

22 Feb 2016

Choosing to give money to charities that you care about can be straightforward but there are several things to consider.

Investment market review

22 Feb 2016

A review of the quarter ended 31 December 2015.