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Reporting season wrap

02 Oct 2015

The company reporting season has finished for another year, with FY15 results generally in-line with market expectations. The S&P/ASX 200 index underperformed international equities during August, ending the month 7.8 per cent lower.

US Federal Reserve leaves rates unchanged

02 Oct 2015

One of the biggest questions for global share markets during 2015 has been when the US Federal Reserve will lift short-term interest rates. US interest rates have been near zero since the Global Financial Crisis to encourage borrowing and boost growth.

Hybrid sector – Weakness provides opportunity

02 Oct 2015

Hybrid securities earn their name from the fact that they possess characteristics of both equity (ownership) and debt (loan) investment. Most hybrids are listed on the ASX and can be bought and sold like any other listed investment.

A story about the importance of insurance

22 Sep 2015

If you are like most Australians, insurance is one of those things which can be put off for another day. But another day might be one too late – the story of Patty outlines how important it is to have the right insurance.

Bubbling house prices – where to from here?

22 Sep 2015

Reports of record-breaking sale prices, high auction clearance rates and Glenn Stevens, governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), talking of 'crazy' house prices has greatly inflated the housing bubble debate.

Did you know… lower tax for small business?

22 Sep 2015

Following the Federal Budget announcement, the Government has now passed law to change the tax rate for small businesses structured as a company. The new tax rate is effective from 1 July 2015.

Choosing your executor

22 Sep 2015

An important part of making a Will is deciding who should act as the executor of your estate. An executor acts as your representative and will make sure that your wishes, as detailed in your Will, are followed.

The China syndrome

22 Sep 2015

The recent severe volatility in China's share markets has raised questions about the causes of the fall and about the wider implications for the global economy and markets generally.

Age pension changes – what does it mean for you?

22 Sep 2015

​Following the recent Federal Budget announcement, the Government has now passed law to give effect to changes to Centrelink's asset tests. From 1 January 2017 onwards, there will be changes to the assets test for the age pension and this means there will be some winners and some losers.

Financial goal setting and answerability

18 Sep 2015

Why not set your next financial goals while things are good?

Mental toughness for investors

28 Aug 2015

The investment markets have had a pretty good run over the last few years. A lot of people have forgotten about the events of 2008 ('what Global Financial Crisis?'). However, a little bit of nervousness has entered peoples' minds with fears around Greece and China.

Banking sector - The race to raise capital

27 Aug 2015

One of the main themes from the company reporting season so far is the race for the major banks to boost capital on their balance sheets, with ANZ and Commonwealth Bank announcing equity raisings.