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China’s devaluation of the renminbi

27 Aug 2015

On 11 August 2015, the People's Bank of China (PBOC) surprised the market by devaluing the renminbi (RMB) against the U.S. dollar by 1.9 per cent. The devaluation was the biggest one-day move in two decades. Subsequent moves have seen the cumulative devaluation reach 4.4 per cent at the time of writing.

Why your financial adviser cares about you

10 Aug 2015

The main thing I enjoy about being a financial adviser at Shadforth Financial Group is the sense of community among our client base and our staff. It really is one big family, where everybody enjoys each other's successes and commiserates in others' struggles. It is fun to be around.

Has the dragon run out of puff?

31 Jul 2015

​As Chinese property lost momentum in 2014, retail investors shifted their money to the stock market, spurred on by state government publications. China A shares are mainland-based, denominated in yuan and traded primarily by locals on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

What does the Iran deal mean for the energy sector?

31 Jul 2015

​After many years of negotiations, Iran and six major world powers the US, China, the UK, Russia, France and Germany have agreed on a nuclear deal.

End of financial year wrap

31 Jul 2015

​Late selling in May and June saw the Australian share market, as measured by the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation index, end the 2015 financial year 5.7 per cent higher.

How to stay ahead with Pareto on your side

04 Jul 2015

Vilfredo Pareto's vegetable garden was fertile. So fertile that it threw up a theory that has held for more than a century and across many walks of life.

Hybrid securities – How do the conversion conditions impact risk?

01 Jul 2015

With the recent fall in interest rates offered on term deposits, investors are looking for alternative investments to boost their income. Hybrid securities are an increasingly popular method of achieving fixed interest exposure, however it is important that investors understand the key terms before investing.

News from Shadforth

01 Jul 2015

We are very proud to announce that Michael Stucken, Private Client Adviser in our North Sydney office was named Young Achiever of the Year at the recent Money Management Fund Manager of the Year Awards.

Did you know... that 56 is the new 55?

25 Jun 2015

The preservation age is changing. Once you reach your preservation age, and permanently retire from the workforce, you can access your superannuation.

The gift of giving - charitable foundations

24 Jun 2015

Australians are known for their generous spirit of giving. In 2012-13, Australians donated approximately $4 billion1 to charity, and an increasing number of Australians are creating long-term giving structures.

Challenge of change - the 2015 Intergenerational Report

24 Jun 2015

In early March this year, the Treasurer released the Intergenerational Report (IGR). Every five years, the IGR provides a snapshot analysis of how Australia is tracking now and how it will be in 40 years' time. The IGR is important to the Government's policy agenda because it provides the evidential basis for reform.

Lower interest rates may be good for some, but...

24 Jun 2015

Since the global financial crisis, central banks across the globe have kept interest rates at historically low levels in an attempt to stimulate economic growth.