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Spotting the wolves

30 May 2014

Do you know how to spot the difference between good and bad financial advice?

Investment returns – does tax really matter?

22 May 2014

​You bet it does. You see, we have a habit of spending our money in after-tax dollars. So if we are relying on our investments to fund our lifestyle in retirement those investments will need to work harder if our return is being eroded away by excessive amounts of income or capital gains tax along the way.

Qld Health Contracts – cautiously moving ahead

20 May 2014

The last couple of months have seen a significant escalation in tension between doctors and Qld Health over the terms of the proposed contracts for SMO and VMO practitioners.

A high income but no time for you

16 May 2014

​Earning a high income is a great start to financial success, but it's what you do with your money that dictates whether you will ultimately succeed or fail.

Managing your finances during illness and hardships

16 May 2014

A family member of mine recently underwent a tough battle with an aggressive leukaemia. As many have experienced, the constant hospital stays, doctor visits and general care required by such an illness can turn a family upside down.

Super is on the up, are you taking advantage?

12 May 2014

With many recent changes to superannuation, it is important to be informed about how the new legislation will affect you and your family.

Natural synergies

17 Apr 2014

As brothers, David and Craig Raits have always been close. They studied the same subjects at school, obtained the same degree at university, became CPAs, and even now work for the same company.

Is a Self Managed Super Fund right for me?

10 Apr 2014

There's no doubt that Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) have received a lot of attention in the press over the past few years.

Why are market forecasts so unreliable?

10 Apr 2014

It is often suggested that some of the smartest people in the world work in financial markets. Unfortunately, intelligence doesn't necessarily equate to the ability to correctly and consistently predict the movements of markets and individual securities.

Legacy – what will yours be?

09 Apr 2014

The transfer of wealth from one generation to another requires careful thought about all of your assets and liabilities.  Having an effective estate plan helps ensure your assets, or the control of your assets, pass to your desired beneficiaries with minimal disruption and in the most tax-efficient manner.

Deeming of Account Based Pensions

25 Mar 2014

​Recently the Federal Government introduced legislation that would result in Account Based Pensions being subject to 'deeming' from 1 January 2015. This legislation has now passed Parliament.

Financial Astrology … it’s all in the stars

18 Mar 2014

"The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable" – John Kenneth Galbraith