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Christmas is coming – a time to reflect

21 Nov 2014

With the Christmas season fast approaching, most of us will be looking forward to spending quality time with our family, friends and loved ones. Throughout the year we often get caught up in our busy lives and can require occasions such as Christmas to bring everyone together.

Giving Now or Giving Later

19 Nov 2014

Everybody knows you can't take it with you, but the bigger question is - when should you give your money away and how much should it be?  It's a question wrapped up in emotion, philosophy and financial planning. It's no small issue, especially with the passing of inheritance to the next generation expected to be the largest in history with some estimates putting it at over a trillion dollars.

Home renovations – the trials and tribulations

07 Nov 2014

Considering renovations on your house? Know what you are and aren't covered for? Let's face it, if you're like most people you're probably guilty of not reading the fine print in your insurance policies.

Financial advice – just who can you trust?

24 Oct 2014

What does financial advice mean to you? Is it the flexibility to retire when you want? The opportunity to buy your dream house? Being able to put your kids through private school?

Mergers and Acquisitions – what are the long-term implications?

23 Oct 2014

The past 12 months has seen an increase in mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity in Australia. While corporate activity can boost share prices, what does this mean for shareholders over the long-term?

Investment portfolio returns – could YOU be the problem?

21 Oct 2014

Over the years many people spend untold hundreds if not thousands of dollars to hire, fire and re-hire investment managers whom they perceive as being the best and most successful. But could it be that investment success is not just about the skills of the manager? Of far more importance is the behaviour of the investor.

For better or worse – what will you get from your account-based pension?

17 Oct 2014

Consider the following questions: Would you retain your current Account-Based Pension for the rest of your life?

To fix or not to fix — that is the question

23 Sep 2014

Australian borrowers have traditionally been somewhat reluctant users of fixed rate borrowing options. Even with rates at historic lows, 80% of new lending is still being drawn at variable rather than fixed rates.

SMSFs – The Devil is in the detail

23 Sep 2014

​It is essential that anyone considering setting up or joining a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) has the information they need to make the right decision. If you want to establish your own 'Do-It-Yourself' super fund, there are many factors you need to think about.

Acting ahead of Account-Based Pension changes

19 Sep 2014

In previous editions of 'The Edge' we have looked at key Federal Government reforms impacting on the superannuation environment. One of these areas has been the changes to the 'Deeming of Account-Based Pensions' which will take effect from 1 January 2015.

Reaping the benefits of enhanced asset investing

19 Sep 2014

Asset class investing involves construction of portfolios that reliably deliver the returns of a specific asset class. These portfolios are constructed by purchasing all, or a large number of the securities within an asset class.

How to reduce Capital Gains Tax on selling your small business

19 Sep 2014

There are significant small business Capital Gains Tax (CGT) concessions on selling a small business that can help you eliminate or substantially reduce tax upon the disposal of business assets.