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The state of play with Queensland Health Contracts

14 Feb 2014

2013 was a year of great uncertainty for doctors working within the Public Health system. After the publication of the 'Blueprint for better healthcare in Queensland' and the later release of the Auditor-General's report into the private practice billings in Queensland Health, there has been a storm brewing over how Queensland Health engages with the 3,500 SMO and 750 VMO practitioners.

Child cover - who needs it?

11 Feb 2014

An increasing number of people are recognising the need to take out life, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) or trauma insurance to cover themselves or their spouse. However, an often overlooked area is the need to ensure you have appropriate insurance cover in place for your children.

What do cricket and your personal finances have in common?

07 Feb 2014

Here's a new way to think about your finances – it's just like cricket. I'm thinking of Adam Gilchrist and Geoff Boycott.

Who is part of your team?

29 Jan 2014

I enjoyed a moment of reflection recently after completing a half marathon (fun) run. By the way, I wonder why they call it a 'fun' run? It really wasn't that pleasurable at all! But it got me thinking. I achieved my goal, I was proud and all I wanted to do was thank my 'team'.

Insurance – has it really got you covered?

22 Jan 2014

The direct insurance industry – it all seems so simple doesn't it. You pick up the phone, provide a few basic details, no medicals are needed and voila, you have life insurance. It seems nothing could be easier.

We’re all going on a summer holiday .... or are we?

23 Dec 2013

When you're on holidays, have you ever stopped and thought about spending $17,000 in 20 minutes? Let me say it is a bit confronting when you have to!

Drought, Floods and a Broken Leg: The Dangers of Farming in Australia

18 Dec 2013

There's no doubt farming in Australia has a long and rich history and has made a significant economic and cultural contribution to our way of life.

A time for giving

12 Dec 2013

Traditionally Christmas is seen as a time of giving. In addition to the tradition of gift giving, today, more and more people are suggesting to friends and family that instead of buying gifts they instead donate the amount that would have been spent to charity. But why stop giving at Christmas?

Money’s cheap – but how do you make the most of it?

06 Dec 2013

There is speculation that interest rates in Australia have hit rock bottom. As economic experts debate whether the Reserve Bank has one more shot in the locker (or not), the overnight cash rate sits at 2.50% (as at 6 November 2013), the lowest rate since 1959.

Protect yourself while helping your adult children

06 Dec 2013

As parents much of our time, energy and money is directed towards ensuring our children have the best possible start in life, as well as providing them with the means to become productive members of society.

Women and the retirement challenge

02 Dec 2013

How often do you stop and think about your future financial needs?

Self Managed Super Fund – is it really for you?

15 Nov 2013

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) currently comprise about one third of the $1.5 trillion superannuation sector - making it one of the hottest topics in finance at the moment. People are flocking to this sector in droves, often with limited understanding or knowledge regarding what is required to run their own superannuation fund.