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The pitfalls of moving overseas with a Self Managed Super Fund

10 Nov 2013

If you have a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) then like many trustees the chances are you are probably unaware of a rule which requires what is known as the central management and control of your SMSF to be conducted within Australia.

Can you keep the farm in the family?

23 Oct 2013

Many third and fourth generation farmers aim to pass on the family farm to their children just as their fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers did before them.

Anti-detriment payments: How your family can claim back your superannuation taxes

10 Oct 2013

​I hate talking about morbid subjects such as death, however, having recently helped a client's family, I want to discuss a little known strategy called 'anti-detriment payments'. This strategy can help your family and increase the value of your estate.

Are you the ‘perfect player’ in your industry?

24 Sep 2013

Whether talking about sport or industry, the qualities that make a perfect player or employee (whatever level you are at, from beginner to CEO) are the same.

Part 3: Which is better for financial freedom - buying a home or renting and investing?

16 Sep 2013

​I have a 'friend' who was very, very lucky that his mother was willing to assist him in getting a financial headstart (thanks, Mum). My friend was also very lucky that the father of his girlfriend at the time was also very helpful with financial advice (thanks, Charlie).

Part 2: Which is better for financial freedom -buying a home or renting and investing?

12 Sep 2013

​In my previous blog, I suggested that renting and investing could be a better financial option than buying a home outright.

How to grow your wealth if you forgot to marry well – one for the ladies

11 Sep 2013

Are you still waiting for Mr Right to come along and make you financially secure?

Part 1: Which is better for financial freedom -buying a home or renting and investing?

02 Sep 2013

​It used to be the 'Great Australian Dream'.... finish school, build a career, meet the love of your life, buy a home and start a family.

Four key steps to protect your family (or one risky move to financially devastate them)

14 Aug 2013

I love financial planning. You can actually assist people meeting their needs and goals. There is a personal satisfaction in seeing others live their life they want to. It is why I believe I have the best 'job' in the world.

Things to ponder before you move in together

13 Aug 2013

The relationship status of my clients can change. Sometimes it's due to a relationship breakdown, other times it can be the death of a partner.

A day in the life of Angelina Jolie

30 Jul 2013

Imagine being able to spend a day in Angelina Jolie's shoes – a life filled with wealth, movies, fashion, working with the UN, looking after a brood of children and to top it all off having Brad Pitt as a partner! A wonderful thought but what if it was the day she realised her best option was to have a double mastectomy due to a family history of cancer?

What are franking credits?

30 Jul 2013

The dividend imputation system was put in place by the Government to avoid the double taxation of company profits. That is, company profit taxed in both the hands of the company and the shareholder.