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Five tips to combining finances with your partner

10 Jul 2013

​In past generations, there weren't usually questions around combining finances as it was something that was simply done once you got married. These days things are a little different and perhaps more complicated, particularly for couples that get married when they are older and more likely to be financially well-established.

Ever thought of yourself as an insurance provider?

08 Jul 2013

With the stress of young children, career progression and mortgage payments, one of the last things your children may think about is life insurance. It seems that there are always other more pressing priorities.

Borrowing inside superannuation – Beware the cash flow trap

05 Jul 2013

An area where I am receiving more and more enquiries is in regards to the borrowing provisions within superannuation. Commonly, clients are interested in buying an investment property within their self managed superannuation fund (SMSF), and utilising some borrowings to fund part of the purchase.

No longer a child. The need for SMSFs to act responsibly.

04 Jul 2013

Since self managed superannuation funds (SMSF) first became available as an option for holding superannuation balances in 1994 they have made the headlines, both in positive and negative ways.

Protecting your loved ones

02 Jul 2013

Getting married brings a whole new dimension to our planning objectives. Starting a family is also a time when protecting your loved ones takes on increased importance.

Love life, protect it and insure your love

28 Jun 2013

Recently a friend passed away from a heart attack, with no warning signs, after a workout at his local gym.

Take the free kicks!

28 Jun 2013

You don't know what you don't know. There are many simple financial planning strategies available to many people.

Prioritise and regain control

26 Jun 2013

Most people do not like having to work to a budget. A budget often seems to be a negative – focussing us on what we can't have rather than what we can. The answer to successful budgeting lies in the way we think.

Have you checked the health of your SMSF lately?

20 Jun 2013

With the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) still fresh in investors' minds, I often get asked, "how do you know the stock market will continue to go up?"

Is your budget in surplus or deficit?

18 Jun 2013

Over the last year there has been lots of talk about the federal budget. With headlines such as 'Budget needs tough choices' and 'Surplus? You already spent it' – there is no denying that achieving a budget surplus is a very important issue.

Stress test your mortgage in advance

17 Jun 2013

As a financial adviser, all too often I meet clients who have overextended themselves when purchasing a property, usually their own home.

The forgotten costs of investment properties

14 Jun 2013

​There are many misconceptions around the real rate of return on investment properties. This is often due to the forgotten costs associated with them.