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Six Ways to Avoid Financial Disasters

23 Apr 2013

For the most part, the period since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has been characterised by years of market volatility, and with 'risk aversion' the dominant theme across the globe. We only have to look at bond yields to know that investors have craved capital security, regardless of return.

Super still relatively simple

20 Apr 2013

If recent media speculation is right, Simon Crean got his way and the changes to superannuation announced by the Government are nowhere near as draconian as some feared they may have been.

Part 3: Testing your strategies to ensure you reach your goals

12 Apr 2013

You have probably noticed that in my last two blogs, I have not mentioned financial structures (such as family trusts, companies, self managed superannuation funds.) Nor have I mentioned financial strategies (such as superannuation contributions, loan repayments, insurances, estate planning) or specific investments!

Part 2: Building the decision-making framework for your investment strategy

11 Apr 2013

In my first blog I discussed the questions you need to ask yourself to determine your goals. In my second blog I'll focus on how, in conjunction with your financial adviser, you can build a decision-making framework to achieve them.

Do you let your investments limit your goals, or make your goals dictate your investment strategy?

10 Apr 2013

In my role as a Private Client Adviser I see and hear a lot of misunderstandings about the financial planning process. This ranges from the BBQ conversation about the "killing" somebody made on an investment, to the media suggesting their readers go in a certain direction, even though they are writing for the broad masses.

Buyer beware – Protect yourself and your family

04 Apr 2013

If you have been watching TV lately you would have noticed an increased level of advertising for direct insurance. The need for personal risk insurance is extremely important, and these ads go a long way to increasing its awareness.

Top 10 tips to take control of your lazy money

21 Mar 2013

So you've gone to the trouble of preparing your family budget – congratulations, you are now part of the 10% of all Australian families who actually have one!! What comes next?

The (not so) secret golden rule of financial planning

20 Mar 2013

At risk of being shunned by my financial planning colleagues, I am about to reveal to you our magic trick…financial success will come from one fundamental rule – spend less than you earn.

Your SMSF. Your Choice

19 Mar 2013

Self managed superannuation funds (SMSF) continue to enjoy significant growth, but why? Is it just so investors can control their own investment decisions or is there more to it?

Sectors of the Australian sharemarket

14 Mar 2013

Portfolio diversification is one of the most fundamental and important tenets of modern portfolio theory.

$21bn wipe out - please explain?

13 Mar 2013

"Chinese jitters prompt $21b wipe-out" Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) 5th March 2013

Part 3: How to be a savvy saver

09 Mar 2013

In the last of my blog series on bill paying, here are some tips on how you can be savvier in the way you approach money management.