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The tricks of the trade

22 Feb 2013

We all know that we cannot always believe what we read, yet what else do we have? In the investment world this conundrum is an advertising manager's dream.

The myth of the average return?

11 Feb 2013

In the media the term "average return" is frequently used to describe in theory what the average investor received on their investments for the specified period. The return on any investment, in very simple terms, is determined where you invest your money.

Your superannuation asset allocation

11 Feb 2013

The asset allocation of a portfolio simply refers to where and how much you have invested in each asset class (for example cash, fixed interest, property, Australian shares and international investments).

Shadforth supporting Youth Focus

08 Feb 2013

​At Shadforth Financial Group we believe in a healthy well-being for our staff and if we can couple that with raising money for a good cause that's even better!

Two mistakes to avoid before you retire

07 Feb 2013

How far off is your retirement? If you have five, ten or even better 20 years to go, you can avoid the first mistake – which is not planning early enough.

Is cash really king?

04 Feb 2013

We often hear the phrase "cash is king". This phrase will have different meanings to each of us – particularly small business owners, someone saving for a home deposit, investors and self-funded retirees. However, I actually believe "cash flow is king"!!

Insurance tips

29 Jan 2013

As we have previously discussed, protecting your assets and income from an unexpected event is essential. The older you are, the more important this becomes, as there is less time to make up for any unexpected losses.

Bringing it all together

23 Jan 2013

Wouldn't it be great to ensure that your legal, taxation and financial affairs are all in sync? Wouldn't it be even better if you didn't have to do the organising to make this happen?

Finding quality investments

21 Jan 2013

Finding quality investments is like looking for a needle in the hay stack. It is something that many people look for but few find over the long term.

Special Disability Trusts, a great planning tool for people with disabled children

08 Jan 2013

Death remains one of the certainties in life and for many people with disabled children this is a frightening prospect.

Indexes and Index based investments

20 Nov 2012

In the media you often hear the term Index or Index Funds, they are simply 'baskets' of stocks, bonds or other investments that are designed to replicate an investment market or sector.

Funding your children's education?

15 Nov 2012

In the event that you elect to send your children to a private school, this can be a costly exercise and although the tuition fees vary, you can expect to pay anywhere from $12,000pa to $30,000pa for a year 12 or university student.