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North Sydney
Level 17, 100 Pacific Highway
North Sydney, NSW, 2060
Telephone: 02 9919 8888
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Andrew Bollen

Private Client Adviser

About Andrew

Andrew is a Private Client Adviser in the North Sydney office for the Shadforth Financial Group.

Education and experience

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Business through the University of Technology, Sydney and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® practitioner, which is the highest recognised designation for financial planners. Andrew is also a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

Andrew joined the financial services industry in 2000. He joined Shadforth Financial Group in early 2003 and has since worked closely with financial industry stalwart Philip Guest, sharing his passion for building lifetime relationships with his clients. Over the ensuing years, Andrew has built significant expertise across the financial spectrum and is passionate about assisting his clients to generate wealth and make smart financial decisions.

Andrew specialises in providing services and advice to not-for-profit trusts and organisations and advising clients in receipt of personal injury settlements. Andrew also provides advice to many affluent and often time-poor clients, where he coordinates a cohesive financial advice solution across the spectrum of advice needs.

Outside of work

Away from work, Andrew enjoys spending time on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with his young family.


Meet Andrew Bollen

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