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North Sydney
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North Sydney NSW 2060
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Darren Higgs

Private Client Adviser

About Darren

Darren is a Private Client Adviser in the North Sydney office for the Shadforth Financial Group.

Education and experience

Darren is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® practitioner and is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia. Darren has often achieved industry recognition, including being awarded first place in the Australian Financial Review Smart Investor Master Class for Financial Planning in 2010, and being among the top 50 advisers in following years.

Darren completed studies in accounting before becoming a financial adviser in 1997.

Darren is dedicated to his role, where he enjoys working with you to identify what is really important about money to you. This allows Darren to help you achieve your goals, accumulate real wealth and increase your security. Darren specialises in helping you take control of your cash flows and putting the right strategies into place while also advising on and actively managing investment portfolios, personal insurances and financing.

Outside of work

Away from work, Darren is the Head Instructor/Founder at Quantum Martial Arts, where he has achieved his fourth Dan Black Belt. Darren is also training with the intention of competing in the Hawaiian Ironman triathlon one day. Darren is happily married to Betty and they live on Sydney's lower north shore.


​Malcolm and I commend Darren on his thoroughness and willingness to listen to our needs. Darren has obviously worked extremely hard on our portfolio and both Malcolm and I find him to be attentive and easy to talk to. ​

M and R Ball, Ryde, New South Wales

​Darren critically examines my investments on a regular basis and promptly advises of any shifts and advantageous rebalancing suggestions for my portfolio. The periodic face-to-face reviews are especially valuable.

F Barr-David, Sydney, New South Wales

​Darren is excellent at listening to our needs and thoughts for the present and the future and helping us to plan around it. We look forward to our regular reviews, it helps us to stay in touch with our planning, monitor our progress and feel confident about our financial future. Darren and the Shadforth Financial Group give us confidence by their professional approach they have in dealing with their clients. We like the openness of having access to our portfolio via the use of the web page, knowing exactly what is happening to our portfolio and what our fees are. We feel Darren and the Shadforth team are proactive, professional and deal with integrity. We have every confidence with Shadforth planning for our retirement and recommend them whenever we can.

T and K Carey, New South Wales


Meet Darren Higgs

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23 Nov 2015

Watching as an adult, there are fantastic life lessons and moral values in these movies. There are even terrific financial lessons in the messages.

The art of achieving what is important to you

16 Oct 2015

Recently I attended the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery. Not only did I enjoy viewing the exhibitions, but I also enjoyed reading the descriptions next to each painting. I am a 'mindset' type of person.

Financial goal setting and answerability

18 Sep 2015

Why not set your next financial goals while things are good?

Mental toughness for investors

28 Aug 2015

The investment markets have had a pretty good run over the last few years. A lot of people have forgotten about the events of 2008 ('what Global Financial Crisis?'). However, a little bit of nervousness has entered peoples' minds with fears around Greece and China.

Why your financial adviser cares about you

10 Aug 2015

The main thing I enjoy about being a financial adviser at Shadforth Financial Group is the sense of community among our client base and our staff. It really is one big family, where everybody enjoys each other's successes and commiserates in others' struggles. It is fun to be around.

Financial Zen in everyday life

12 Jun 2015

Financial planning is more than just picking some good investments (although, I concede this is fun). The real essence of financial planning is to achieve all of the things that are important to you.

Anti-detriment payments: How your family can claim back your superannuation taxes

10 Oct 2013

​I hate talking about morbid subjects such as death, however, having recently helped a client's family, I want to discuss a little known strategy called 'anti-detriment payments'. This strategy can help your family and increase the value of your estate.

Are you the ‘perfect player’ in your industry?

24 Sep 2013

Whether talking about sport or industry, the qualities that make a perfect player or employee (whatever level you are at, from beginner to CEO) are the same.

Part 3: Which is better for financial freedom - buying a home or renting and investing?

16 Sep 2013

​I have a 'friend' who was very, very lucky that his mother was willing to assist him in getting a financial headstart (thanks, Mum). My friend was also very lucky that the father of his girlfriend at the time was also very helpful with financial advice (thanks, Charlie).

Part 2: Which is better for financial freedom -buying a home or renting and investing?

12 Sep 2013

​In my previous blog, I suggested that renting and investing could be a better financial option than buying a home outright.

Part 1: Which is better for financial freedom -buying a home or renting and investing?

02 Sep 2013

​It used to be the 'Great Australian Dream'.... finish school, build a career, meet the love of your life, buy a home and start a family.

Four key steps to protect your family (or one risky move to financially devastate them)

14 Aug 2013

I love financial planning. You can actually assist people meeting their needs and goals. There is a personal satisfaction in seeing others live their life they want to. It is why I believe I have the best 'job' in the world.

Eight top tips for a good investment philosophy

12 Jun 2013

Over the last year, the Australian share markets is up by around 22% and the listed property markets is up by around 30%. Even the less volatile, more conservative bond markets are up by around 7%. These return numbers are certainly high. However, are they the highest numbers I have seen over the last 12 months? No, not even close. So what are?

Part 3: Testing your strategies to ensure you reach your goals

12 Apr 2013

You have probably noticed that in my last two blogs, I have not mentioned financial structures (such as family trusts, companies, self managed superannuation funds.) Nor have I mentioned financial strategies (such as superannuation contributions, loan repayments, insurances, estate planning) or specific investments!

Part 2: Building the decision-making framework for your investment strategy

11 Apr 2013

In my first blog I discussed the questions you need to ask yourself to determine your goals. In my second blog I'll focus on how, in conjunction with your financial adviser, you can build a decision-making framework to achieve them.

Do you let your investments limit your goals, or make your goals dictate your investment strategy?

10 Apr 2013

In my role as a Private Client Adviser I see and hear a lot of misunderstandings about the financial planning process. This ranges from the BBQ conversation about the "killing" somebody made on an investment, to the media suggesting their readers go in a certain direction, even though they are writing for the broad masses.