Investment governance

Whether you are part of the leadership team or a board member of a charitable organisation, school or foundation, you are likely to be classed as fiduciaries of the organisation. This means that you hold the legal responsibility for ensuring the assets of your cause and the organisation you represent, are managed prudently. It also means you require a prudent investment process so that the other components of your giving plan can be defined, implemented and evaluated.

How we can help you

We can help you ensure that the investment governance for your cause is robust, transparent and most importantly aligned to the goals and budgetary requirements of your organisation. Our global best practice fiduciary framework strives to achieve the targeted return for your cause with the lowest level of risk.

There are many factors to take in to account when building your investment governance framework, including:

  • the budgetary requirements of the organisation
  • the certainty of delivering the core programs of your cause and ensuring continuity of these programs
  • understanding cash flow timing
  • the liquidity and potential capital expenditure funding
  • the relevance of diversification and how to effectively achieve this
  • the timeframes for the different goals of the organisation
  • risk management procedures
  • creating and monitoring a tailored investment policy statement.

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