Executive advice services

In a complex and changing financial world, many executives are time poor and make decisions about their own financial affairs without a strategic framework. They put enormous effort into strategic planning for the business yet do not allocate the necessary time and focus to setting their own personal financial goals and objectives. This means many of your executives may reach retirement without sufficient assets or ongoing income to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

As an employer, the consequences of failing to recognise obligations and missed opportunities can be costly not only for your employees but also for you as an employer.

How we can help you

Our executive advice service is a valuable employee benefit that increases your ability to retain these key employees and provide them with a genuinely appreciated and valued executive benefit. It is designed to assist senior executives:

  • set realistic financial goals and expectations
  • ensure their financial affairs are structured effectively given their current and future resources and expectations
  • understand and assess different structures for holding investments and managing tax
  • develop strategies to build their asset base for financial independence
  • protect their assets and lifestyle should anything unexpected happen
  • construct investment portfolios appropriate to their goals and risk tolerance
  • ensure their estate planning arrangements are structured effectively.

If you are interested in offering a company-facilitated advisory service to your senior executives please contact us today and let's discuss how we can help you.

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