Estate planning

Looking after your family is no doubt something that is very important to you.  Making sure there is a clear and comprehensive estate plan in place will reduce the stress for your family in managing your estate once you have gone.

Other issues to consider

Along with making a valid Will, there are several other estate planning issues to consider, including:

  • appointing a guardian for your children in the event you die before they turn 18.
  • wealth transfer advice for the next generation
  • establishing a Power of Attorney. Powers of Attorney are designed to deal with your affairs while you are still alive. They enable you to appoint an individual (or trustee) to deal with your affairs if you become incapable of making your own decisions. Powers of Attorney can be as wide ranging or as limited as you require or desire.
  • establishing an Advance Health Directive (NSW and QLD) or Medical Power of Attorney (other States) that allows others to make lifestyle decisions on your behalf. It provides detailed instructions in relation to your health care, including decisions on any treatment you wish to receive or refuse if you are incapable of communicating those instructions.

To learn more about estate planning, take a look at our range of helpful guides and tools.

How we can help you

At Shadforth we can help you to plan your estate properly. We will work with estate planning specialists to ensure that your wishes are met, and that the efficient transfer of your wealth to the next generation is completed. So please contact us today and let's discuss how we can help you.

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