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26 May, 2021

An update for Q2 2021 from our CEO, Terry Dillon.

Welcome to the second edition of the Edge for 2021.

As we close in on 15 months since the first lockdown the global pandemic continues to wreak havoc with reported daily cases still exceeding 700,000 and daily deaths of more than 10,000.

India’s plight is particularly concerning as the second COVID wave continues to devastate the country with cases soaring amidst new variants and a collapsing health system.

In the US and UK, the tide appears to have turned decisively as their aggressive vaccination rollouts continue with daily cases and deaths reducing dramatically allowing restrictions to be gradually eased.

Our local vaccine program has had its share of early challenges. However, as we manufacture and secure greater and more diverse supplies of vaccines it is still more likely than not that most Australians who want to be vaccinated will be, by the end of the year or shortly thereafter.

We have a busy time ahead at Shadforth as we approach the end of another financial year. In the coming weeks we’re excited to be introducing a new sustainable investing option for fixed interest portfolios, and in June we have the second of our Shadforth LIVE client events with a focus on global markets.  We will also be contacting you shortly to complete our annual client survey to see how you’re feeling about our advice services and what we can do better to help you achieve your goals.

In this edition of the Edge we look at the recent Federal Budget and what it means for you, explore the future of bonds and their role in a diversified portfolio, along with our regular investment market update and an economic outlook.

I hope you enjoy this edition and as always, if you have any comments regarding our services please contact your adviser or me at