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22 September, 2020

We understand the importance of giving back to our community. That’s why we’ve partnered with The Funding Network to help three passionate non-profit leaders working in the mental health space.

With increased levels of unemployment, a worsening economy, and social distancing, it’s no surprise that COVID-19 has caused an increase in mental health issues. A recent Australian study found that the number of people displaying symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression in the community has risen between 13 and 21%1.

At Shadforth we believe in giving back and together with the IOOF Foundation, are supporting a number of programs in the core area of mental health – with a focus on prevention in adolescences. We recognise that mental health and wellbeing is an essential component of thriving communities, and that it is inextricably linked to good outcomes in education, employment and housing.

Did you know?

Almost half of Australians will experience mental health issues within their lifetime, with an estimated 20% of the population (over 4 million people) experiencing mental health issues in any given year. Experiences of mental ill-health vary dramatically in severity and duration, with experiences of severe mental ill-health occurring in 2–3% of the population in any given year. 2

The Funding Network Australia

We recently partnered with The Funding Network Australia (TFN) at their first ever virtual event. The Funding Network brings together funders and non-profit organisations to ensure the most effective ideas for improving our society are given the chance to achieve their potential.

The TFN virtual funding event provides the opportunity for everyday Australians to experience the pitch-and-pledge event. It brought together people from across the country and around the world - from Melbourne to Sydney and London to Budapest.  We heard from three remarkable and passionate non-profit leaders working in the mental health space.

Together with TFN we were moved by the online pledges and incredible outpouring of generosity, as together we pledged a total of $188,000 to support the inspiring work of The First Step Program, CASSE Australia and Mindfull Aus.

The First Step Program

First Step, the pioneer adult mental health ‘hub’, provides collaborative, team treatment for mental ill-health and addiction. The team includes addiction medicine GPs, lawyers, mental health nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and social workers.

First Step recognises the prevalence of co-occurring mental health issues and addiction issues  and for over 20 years has pioneered an approach to care that addresses this.

In 2019 First Step provided more than 14,000 consultations to around 2653 active clients.

Casse Australia

Casse Australia is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2009 to work with Aboriginal communities to overcome trauma through cultural revival and psychological healing programs.

CASSE applies cultural and psychoanalytic methods to help change and recovery in Aboriginal communities to overcome intergenerational trauma, violence and loss. CASSE seek to address mental health issues of trauma reflected in high suicide and violence rates in Central Australia.

They have developed the Men’s Tjilirra Movement, partnering with Aboriginal communities, which provides old tools as new tools for living. The elders teach the youth how to make the traditional tools of the shield, boomerang and spear, as they did 60,000 years ago, strengthening cultural and family connections. Aboriginal youth are the main beneficiaries of the program but also elders and families.

Mindfull Aus

Mindfull Aus purpose is to encourage those effected by mind and behavioural health challenges to put wellness back in their own hands, enabling them to find their true value, self-worth, purpose and belonging, so that they not only get by and cope but live and lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

Mindfull Aus was founded on the premise of taking a youthful, realistic and comfortable approach to talking about mental illness, wellness and suicide.

Mindfull Aus work in high risk areas of suicide within Australia, facilitating programs to youth within primary school and holiday programs in regional and rural areas that battle to access the help and support of services that metro areas might easily access.

If you have any questions please contact your financial adviser.

1 Research conducted by journal JMIR Mental Health June 2020

2 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Mental Health Services—in Brief 2018. Cat. No. HSE 211, AIHW: Canberra, 2018