Our investment philosophy

We invest in portfolios designed by leading global experts in evidence-based investing. And we can tailor a portfolio to meet your specific needs and goals.

Our approach to investment

We partner with Australian and global experts to build diversified portfolios based on scientifically proven drivers of long-term returns. We then make these portfolios available to our clients at a lower cost.

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We invest based on evidence.

Our evidence-based approach to investing meaning we don’t spend time speculating or predicting markets. Instead, we have a disciplined approach to recommending and reviewing investments. We have a set of core beliefs which form the basis of our investment philosophy.

These processes and beliefs underpin how we construct investment portfolios for our clients. Our method is proven to achieve targeted returns for the lowest level of risk and provide greater control and certainty.

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The key principles of our investment approach:

Your needs are unique

Individual situations are different. We take the time to understand you, your needs and the goals that will underpin your financial plan.

Risk and return

​​​​​​​Risk and return are related. Some risks can be used to produce an attractive investment outcome over the long term. Other risks are simply not worth taking.

Markets work

Invest, don’t speculate. Research shows it’s difficult to beat markets over the long-term by trying to outguess them.


Diversification is essential to mitigate risks. A diversified portfolio across and within asset classes will position you to capture returns wherever they occur.

Costs and Taxes

Costs and taxes matter. Returns can be eroded by fees and taxes such as capital gains from too much trading activity.


We invest over the long term and believe that advice + patience = great outcomes.

A unique approach to investment

This video explains the key principles of an evidence-based approach to investing.

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