Executive advice services

We provide specialist advice services to senior executives to help manage changes to work situations and make informed choices.


Timely advice for time-poor executives

Executives sometimes need to make important decisions about their finances and salary packages that require expert advice. We can help you navigate choices around structuring your salary package and incentives or relocating for work.

Our sophisticated financial modelling will map out the financial and tax implications of these options and help you design the most appropriate structures for your circumstances.

A valuable benefit for your senior employees

As an employer, the consequences of failing to recognise obligations and missed opportunities can be costly not only for your employees but also for you.

Our executive advice service is a valuable employee benefit that increases your ability to retain key employees by providing them with a genuinely valuable service. It is designed to assist senior executives to:

  • set realistic financial goals and expectations
  • ensure their financial affairs are structured effectively, according to their current and future resources and expectations
  • understand and assess different structures for holding investments and managing tax
  • develop strategies to build their asset base for financial independence
  • protect their assets and lifestyle should anything unexpected happen
  • construct investment portfolios appropriate to their goals and risk tolerance
  • ensure their estate planning arrangements are structured effectively.
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