Portfolio management

We offer a range of portfolios designed to suit our clients' risk profiles, needs and preferences. Our portfolios are well diversified and competitively priced to ensure they achieve their objectives.


Portfolio design – Putting it all together

At Shadforth, we are proud to offer a wide range of industry-leading portfolios including active, evidence-based, index and socially responsible investments. Our in-house Research and Investment team design the portfolios and review the work of our investment managers to ensure we offer best-in-breed solutions. We educate our clients and proactively manage investment risk to ensure clients have the benefit of well-diversified portfolios.

Monitor, review, rebalance

Markets are dynamic, and our ongoing service model means we don’t ‘set and forget’. Once your portfolio is implemented, we’ll monitor and rebalance your investment to ensure it aligns with your risk profile.

Research has shown that systematic rebalancing can add value add to a portfolio’s after-tax return over time. Our managed account solutions offer high-quality portfolios with the latest rebalancing algorithms to keep your investments on track.

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Our approach to portfolio design

We take a best-of-breed approach to investing our clients’ funds.


We tailor portfolios to your needs

We will design your portfolio with your risk appetite, needs and preferences offering a range of active, index and socially responsible investments.


We manage risk

We proactively manage investment risk to ensure our clients have well-diversified portfolios that are governed by the strength and expertise of our Investment Committee and Research team.


We regularly review our offerings

We regularly research, benchmark, review and negotiate with leading investment managers to ensure we only offer our clients the best options.

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