Investment strategy

Our approach to investing begins with helping you to define your goals. Then, develop portfolios that suit your unique needs, time horizon and appetite for risk.


An approach as unique as you

We appreciate that each client is unique. As such our process is built on forming a strong relationship with you, understanding your ‘why’, and then using an evidence-based approach to help you achieve your aspirations.

Our goals-based advice process incorporates sophisticated cashflow modelling, helping you to make informed financial decisions and turn your aspirations into a series of defined goals.

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Investment philosophy

There are many approaches to investment including purchasing direct holdings, index and active management. We follow an evidence based approach, which is grounded in science and research, and involves placing a higher weighting to stocks and sectors that consistently outperform.

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Why Shadforth

We have been serving the advice needs of Australians for almost 100 years.  And because we are the largest fiduciary certified advice firm in the country,  we have a legal as well as a moral obligation to always put our clients’ needs ahead of our own.

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